• just wanted to say hello. i am new to the forums; and new to basenji owners. i have a mixed basenji. i found sammie at the local animal shelter. he was just brought in the day before i saw him with a female rottie mix. they were being raised together and the family did not have time for 2 puppies. we estimate sammie was around 4 months when we adopted him and ellie (the rottie mix) was around 7 months. yes, we took them both! they were so cute together and so attached to each other, i did not have the heart to seperate them. that was in september, and it has been a crazy 5 months! sammie has a definite basenji personality, from all that i have read. he does bark, but he also has the yodel and cries like a baby. very loudly! he is extremely curious and sometimes can be a pain in the butt! he has climbed over the baby gate and tries to get out of his crate; we have to lock it! he cannot pass up any opportunity to terrorize us or his "sister" ellie! he can never pass up the chance to tear up a paper towel or tissue, no matter how far out of his reach you "think" you have it. he is like the energizer bunny, his stamina is amazing! he tries to get away with everything he can. he gets in to everything. you can actually see him looking around the room at everything, just thinking of things to get in to! we are in obedience training with an excellent trainer. they have been training all kinds of dogs for 30 years; they specialize in hard to train dogs. sammie has made tremendous progress. he still tries to "test" me and see what i will let him get away with. it is good training for us, also. we still have a lot of work to do, but we are making progress. i am having trouble uploading photos of sammie, but hopefully i will have some posted soon. he looks like he is mixed with a husky; his eyes are a unique color. he is larger than most basenji's-53 lbs; it must be the husky coming out. it has been great reading all the stories.

  • I look forward to seeing your photos.

  • Welcome to the forum, can't wait to see pics of Sammy, and include pics of Ellie

  • Welcome to the forum. When you get a chance include some pictures – we loovve pictures.

  • Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your pups!

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