• I'm Terry, the female half of Illusion Basenjis. My husband is Bob. We have owned Basenjis for nearly 15 years (the age of our oldest Basenji, Dino) and currently own 8. We have all 4 colors.
    We enjoy showing our own Basenjis in conformation, have done a little lure coursing, and plan on doing some obedience if we can.
    We live in San Diego, but are planning to move to Houston area when we retire in about 3 years.
    Looking forward to lively and interesting discussions!

    (Hi Denice!)


  • from the Brody's. We're heading to Texas next week for the shows.

  • Hi Terry,

    my name is Mia. I live in San diego and have a b. named Zoe. I am origenally from houston, but live here is SD. I take my dogs to the Dog park in South Park almost everyday. Perhaps one of these days before you both move to Houston, we will see you at the park! mia

  • Hi welcome!!! And that's awesome you have B's in all 4 colors 😃

  • Welcome! And now for the number one new member request…....PICTURES;) we love B pictures.

  • Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll have lots to add with that many years of Basenji experience…enjoy! Ditto on the pictures!

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