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  • Our family has welcomed our newest member, 6 y/o Rama.
    She is the first basenji for our family.
    We adopted her from an elderly gentleman that could no long take care of her.
    Rama came to us a little on the thicker side, so we are working on getting her down to her ideal weight. I love all the info and suggestions I have read on here.
    keep up the great work!

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  • Hello and welcome!

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    Welcome, love to see some pictures!

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  • Oh, just love her! I know that look. I bet she is one classy lady!

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  • Oh my goodness! She is so beautiful. Thank you for adopting her!

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    @DRama OMG! She's gorgeous all over! I love her head wrinkles & above the eyes!! You got sooooooo lucky to get her!! She looks like my first B !!

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    Thank you for adopting this beauty. She looks so much like my first basenji.

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