Hello i just registered with this forum. I have a mixed breed that i got from the spca and im thinking she has basenji in her. I'm not sure tho and i would like some opinions. She does bark but she also does a howl type thing that sounds more like a yodel when locked in a pen if we go somewhere. She has a very very short hair coat and is very lovable, sleeps under the covers with me every night and always has to be by my side. She is about 2 and a half years old now and weighs about 50 pounds. If anyone could give me any opinions i'd really appreciate it. I'll put a few pics of her on my page on here…..if i can figure out how.....lol.....thanks

Hello and welcome to the forum. I look foward to seeing some pictures of your girl. What;s her name ?

Can you post a few pictures of your girl? There are a lot of people on this forum who have a great eye for determining if a mix has basenji in it.

Yes, please post some pictures - it's a lot easier to determine the mix if we can see her.

sorry i've been trying but when i try to upload them it says a security token is missing and wont let me upload them….i dont no whats wrong

Welcome to the forum! When you attach a photo and "upload" it, make sure that it's a small picture… if it's too big, you may get an error message, I think. 🙂

Patty M thanks so much for that cuz i was trying to upload pics from our digital camera and i guess they were too big….i finally got a few on here off of my phone.....thanks again!!!!

Well, I'm no expert, but I'd say she's definitely part Basenji!

I'd also say there is basenji in her too!

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