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@elbrant lol, her official name is Drama Rama.

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Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the help. Puppies will be joining us soon. I have also made it clear to my kids that Rama will be the top dog in the house and what to expect. I will try all your suggestions and hopefully it will be a smooth transition.

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Hi everyone. I have a situation and looking for some guidance. 2 of my kids will be moving back home with me. They will each be bringing a puppy with them. One is a French Bulldog, the other a Border Collie. Generally Rama does well when meeting other adult dogs. I have noticed that she is not fond of puppies from our daily visits to the dog park. She would growl and snip if the puppy came near her. Any suggestions on how I can make the addition of the 2 puppies to our home the least stressful as possible for Rama?

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2_1489713191669_IMG_6877.JPG 1_1489713191669_IMG_6874.JPG 0_1489713191665_IMG_6871.JPG

Here are a couple pics that were taken today

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Our family has welcomed our newest member, 6 y/o Rama.
She is the first basenji for our family.
We adopted her from an elderly gentleman that could no long take care of her.
Rama came to us a little on the thicker side, so we are working on getting her down to her ideal weight. I love all the info and suggestions I have read on here.
keep up the great work!

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