• Hi

    Would just like to introduce myself. My name is Marianne and I live in the UK. I have one Red/White male Basenji called Cooper who is 2 years old and 2 Dobermanns called Jovi and Tico ( yes I am sad enough to name all my dogs after Rock Stars !!!!! ). Cooper is my first Baz-J ahd what a wake up call, he is funny entertaining, a pain in the backside and I love him to bits !!! I have owned Dobes for over 25 years !!! they are ***** cats compared with Cooper. I have shown dogs for 11 years now. Have bred one litter of Dobes one of which has gone on to achieve great success even winning Working Group 2 at Crufts this year ( still in shock ).

    I have been reading the threads on this forum for quite a while and found it very useful so I thought I would join. Looking forward to getting to know you all

    Marianne x

  • Hello and welcome from Czech Republic :D.
    Looking forward to see pics of your darlings!

  • Hello and welcome, lots of questions -are you planning on showing him,who bred him etc etc we could do with more people showing the numbers are getting a bit thin on the ground .

  • Hello and welcome to the forum:D

    Would love to see pics of your dogs;)

  • Hi Marianne, welcome to the forum from another Basenji & Dobermann fanatic. I saw the bitch you bred winnining BOB this year at Crufts - she is a stunning girl. We also had a bit of success at Crufts in the past with our dobes - one of my girls won the CC there in 1993 - long time ago!


  • Welcome to the forum - oh and we love pics here! I too love dobermans.

    IMHO nothing wrong with naming dogs after rock stars 😃 - 2 of my basenjis are named after rock/pop stars…I have one named Aaliyah (after the r&b singer who died) and one named Ozzy :D. Oh, I also have another basenji named Brando after actor Marlon Brando.

  • Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

    Coopers' full title is Zordia's Azizi to Vanhallen. He has been shown with great success, qualified 1st time out and turned into a really stunning dog ( in my considered opinion !!! ), but he had a bad experience with a judge and since then I've not been able to get him back on the table, believe me I've tried !!!!!!

    Scott, my friend saw Isobels' girl Afrika the other month and said she looked very nice, I believe Border Union is her first show, so Good Luck, I'm sure she's got a great career ahead of her. Thank you for your lovely comments on our girl ( well my friends girl, she's the one that's done all the hard work !!! ), I'm so proud of them all.

    So fingers x'd Cooper will be OK, but it's not the end of the world as he is a joy to live with. I love the breed and since I can't show the Dobes ( coz I can't keep up with them !!! ) I am hopeful that in the future I can get another Baz-J, they are so stunning to look at in the ring.

    Will keep you all advised xx

  • Welcome to the forum! We love pictures 😃

  • Glad you found us and we do look forward to photos.

  • Hi welcome!! Maybe it is all in the name, my name is Marianne too, and one of my ibizans is named after Robert Smith ( The Cure ) my basenji male is named after F1 driver Jenson Button, and Lio one of my parents basenjis is named after a singer too 😃

  • @ibi_n_sane:

    my basenji male is named after F1 driver Jenson Button

    LOL, I have been wondering about that! 😃

  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum, you will love it here. Like others have said…:) we love pictures:D:D

  • @renaultf1:

    LOL, I have been wondering about that! 😃

    and his name is perfect for him, as he loves to race , especially with our galgo Barry, he is actually faster then my ibizans but not as fast as Barry and Jenson gets sometimes frustrated about that and when he catches up with him ( because he slows down ) he bites him in his legs :rolleyes:

  • Welcome to the forum Marianne

  • Hi and Welcome.

    I had a "Jovi" 🙂

  • Great to have you here with us, Marianne …. and like the others have said, "pictures?".

  • Welcone tothe forum, Scoops. I imagine Cooper is indeed a wake-up call after owning the Dobies. They are both beautiful breeds - hope you can post some pics real soon.

  • Welcome Scoops - what a pity your boy was frightened by a judge - these things are often diffficult to get over and it is a shame. Can I ask what happened? Sometimes these things can be avoided by careful conditioning as a baby before entering the show ring. (I know its too late now but at least if you do decide to have another Basenji you can now be prepared.) However it's not the end of the world - I'm sure Cooper gives you a lot of fun.

  • Thank you so much everyone for your warm welcome, it's nice to be involved with the Baz-J community.

    Patty - It was a judge who didn't know about Basenjis, it was a Pup of the Year Competition so you have no idea upfront of the judge. Usual story with someone who really doesn't know how to approach the table, talked to him in silly high voice and no firm hands on !!! Cooper thought game on !!!! lots of noise but there was no contact or intent thank god but obviously the experience lingers. He was conditioned for the ring, I serve on the Committee of a Dog Club and train others !!!! lol !!! Did everything I should have done, socialised etc, and we started on a good note and Cooper was enjoying it . Hey ho, may be one day I'll get another Baz-J, haven't given up on showing the breed. He still comes out with us, as he is a valued member of the team, and alot of the time he is entered NFC and comes to meet and greet, in fact I've been told he's very friendly for a Basenji !!!! Once Cooper makes friends with you, you are a friend for life !! It's just that table !!!!

    I'll post photos when I can get the other half to do it, as I'm a bit of a techno phobe !!!! no hope for me really !!!!

    Marianne x

  • I look forward to your pictures. I'm a technophobe too - I keep telling myself I can do it but so far haven't posted any.

    One of my bitches was spoiled for the show ring by such a judge who didn't know how to approach a hound (although he was a Saluki judge and should have!). She was experienced at showing as well but was traumatised because when she backed away at his front on, silly voice approach she nearly fell from the table! Of course she blamed the fall on his approach. I worked on her intensively but to no avail.

    Yes, Basenjis on the whole are friendly and they never forget a friend either!

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