• :rolleyes: Hello, my name is Peggy and I live in California. I "wanna B" and have started researching your breed. I'm glad I found this site and have already learned a lot about the B. Boy, there are sure some horror stories, but it's best to know everything right up front. Anyway, I'll continue to learn more and hopefully find just the right breeder and the right B for myself and my husband in the fall. Thanks to everyone for all this info.

  • Welcome and happy hunting. if you can manage to get to the National that is being held in CA in October this year-this will be a real eye opener for you!!

  • Welcome, where in California are you?…. And all breeds have "horror" stories...ggg...
    If you are in No. California consider coming to some events in the area... and visit No. Ca website at www.norcalbasenjis.org

  • Hi, I'm in California too. If you're near the Pasadena area you can always stop over and meet my dogs.

    We've had many a play date and the yard has been filled with basenjis. They are a blast to watch.


  • Hi everyone,
    I live in Woodland Hills which is in the west end of the San Fernando valley. Thanks for the heads up on the No. California club, I checked out their website. Are there any clubs in So. California?

    Laura, I'm pretty close to you and I'd love to visit you and your dogs sometime in the future. I'm going through my "learning process" and any help I can get from all of you would be greatly appreciated.

    As I said, I've read about a lot of horror stories. I have a few questions about leaving a B at home while at work. Where are your Bs while you're away from home? In the backyard, in the backyard in a kennel, or in a crate in your house? What's your opinions on this one?

  • There is a club in Southern California, South Coast Basenji Fanciers. I will send you a private email with the person you can contact, Carol Webb. One of my puppy owners lives in Hacienda Heights…

  • I sent you a private message with my info (phone number). We can arrange a visit. Also, when the weather cools down I'll let you know and you can come to a basenji pawtee!


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