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I always thought I was a cat person. Turns out, I just hadn't met the right dog!

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I have a dog from the Chainsaw/Sakuru litter. I have been trying to track down a birth date so happy to have found it here. Would also love to see a picture of my boy's littermate.

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Hello- I am a volunteer with a Basenji Rescue group. As part of our yearly conference and meeting, we have speakers and informational sessions. We are holding this year's convention in Syracuse, NY in mid June. We would like to have a speaker address geriatric issues. There have also been many requests for a behaviorist.

I am hoping someone here will know of someone who would be qualified and interested in speaking to a group of Basenji owners (and basenjis) about either of these topics.

Thanks in advance!

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He is an adult, that was in a home with several other dogs. Since I wrote that post, he has adjusted quite well in the past 2 weeks. At this time, he DOES NOT like the crate at all. He had been used to being in the crate about 5 hours a day, but has destroyed everything in there or nearby on the days we put him in. He has proven to be ok when we leave him in our backroom for an hour or two. We are getting a fence in the yard in 2 weeks so we can have some dog friends come over to play. He does have fun when we have gone to see friends with dogs.

He has been sleeping in the bed and is very attached to my boyfriend. I think for being at day 16 together, he is doing pretty well.


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So I happily brought my boy home today. I know it takes a while for dogs to get used to a new environment, but I am wondering if there is anything besides the obvious that I can do to put him at ease at all. He has been trotting through the downstairs back and forth and will stop and lay in the living room for a while. I thought he might need to go out but he sort of barked at me (like a woof). I don't want to do anything that will make him uncomfortable and stall the process of settling in. And suggestions are most appreciated!

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Lisa Stewart-

I am regretfully declining your invitation as I will be busy getting my new Basenji used to life in my home!!! I am happy to report that my little guy will be coming to me on Friday. While the thought of playing with a bunch of B's is sooo wonderful, I think I should stay put and spend time with our new dog.

thanks for your kindness!

And thanks to everyone for support! I am sure I will have lots of questions!

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I LOVE heaps of photos!!!

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Great, we will be coursing ours both Saturday and Sunday the 1-2 Sept. my boys relatives will be running with us on Sunday, and there will be other basenjis running all 3 days. We are camping on site in a white class B rv with the Missouri plates DOGBED. The event runs from 8 till 3 or so each day, Hoping to be able to leave by early afternoon Sunday as we have a 16 hour drive home over two days.

Lisa- I can't thank you enough!!! I am looking forward to this very much and will plan to be there on Saturday. I will check in with you as the date gets near, but can't wait to get me some B-love!!! thank you so much!

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Thanks tp3! I never thought I would feel like this about any dog! And I don't even own one yet. I am also loving this forum and everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. I can't wait until I have my dog and have many questions. I will know just where to go! thanks again!

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Yes, please!! That sounds amazing!! I would love to do that! Thank you very much. I suddenly can't wait for Labor Day.

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Thanks! I had emailed her a while back and then sort of dropped the ball. I am going to see her and her dogs in the next week or so. She said she had one or two adults that could be adopted but not to someone that has never has a Basenji before. But I am happy that I will get to spend some time with the dogs. Thanks again!

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