Arizona Basenjis

My name is Racheal from Tucson, AZ and my husband and I have 2 basenjis. We've had basenjis for 2 years now, both rescues. We have a female, Lucy who is 8 years and a male Zenji who is about the same age. We don't have a lot of history for Zenji. Both of our basenjis have Fanconi, different stages. Zenji was almost bald when we rescued him. He is doing really well now. Lucy has the beginnings of the disease, she, however has awful allergies and we are having a difficult time identifying them. .

Hi and welcome, sorry to hear both your dogs have Fanconi. Sure you will find some threads to help you along. Do you have any photo's to share, would love to see Zenji and Lucy. Allergies are definitely awful, we are seeing a holistic vet to help sort out our boys problems, it's slow and steady, I can see improvement so it makes it easier than seeing him suffer. Good luck.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Welcome and so sorry to hear about the health issues of your two B's…. Thank you for opening up your home to them... And Thank Goodness we now have DNA tests for Fanconi so that no Basenji ever has to suffer with this horrible affliction.

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