Hello everyone!
My name is Ted and Timmy is our Basenji mix who is I'm guessing just under two years old. He was a rescue dog when we got him, at just about a year old. Don't really know much of his prior history but he was somewhat housebroken. He is a typical Basenji and does drive me nuts at least once a day but he's smart and cute and everything the breed is know for. Stubborn comes to mind first. Just looking for more info about the breed and tips on training and other peoples experience with Basenjis.

Hi Ted,

Welcome to the community!

Hiya - welcome, we need pictures! 😉 What is he mixed with?

First time posting a picture hope it works. He is a Basenji/Jack Russell mix we believe.

What a cutie.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Absolutely adorable, but JRT + Basenji, yes I'm sure he is a handful! Training tip: make training a fun mental exercise for him. I suggest clicker training if you haven't already discovered it. Of course, these dogs learn fast. Getting them to do what you ask when you ask is another challenge.

That is a very smart, determined face…Eek! 😉

Lol, the expression says "don't mess with me.", which is typical in a B+JRT. Welcome to the Forum, B people are pretty nice.

Welcome , a basenji will always have your back.

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