My name is Shannon i have wonderful Basenji girl named Stella and wonderful Vizsla boy named Bela:D

Welcome, glad you found us

Thanks for joining us! Hope to hear from you more on the forums! 🙂 Welcome!

Hi there..welcome! I have 3 basenjis and a vizsla!

Hello and Welcome from Canada!

Welcome to you, Stella and Bela.

Some of us are 'related by basenji' where did you get your b

i hate to sat i got her from a pet store

Well,we all start somewhere with our basenjis. You will just have to be very quick in getting her tested for fanconi.
One that is done, you will know what the future will hold for you and your new basenji.

Its true. I would just make sure you get the test. Now that there is a NEW DIRECT TEST!, you wont have to wonder if it is probably clear, carrier, affected, or indeterminant. It WILL be Clear, Carrier, or Affected. So when you get your basenji tested, you will know for sure. Puppy mills and pet stores are kinda scary for fanconi because majority of them dont test. But its true, everyone starts out somewhere and now that you are here, you will have alot of basenji people with knowledge to help you through everything. Ill be there if you need me 🙂

Welcome to all of you! Nice combination of dogs to have - a basenji and a vizsla.

I agree with Sharron - please get your basenji tested for Fanconi. Don't get scared of doing the test. Test with the idea that you are doing it to prepare your basenji with the best health plan available.


i hate to sat i got her from a pet store

Hopefully you have or will be getting the Fanconi DNA test done since she came from most likely a puppy mill.

You will find a lot of new friends here. Do you need the site to order the cheekswab?
You order it and do it at home. Very easy!

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