I've been meaning to do this for awhile! After being basenji-less for over 20 years, we recently adopted a 9 yr old girl from BRAT. Pippi is wonderful and we feel so lucky to have found her.

That's wonderful! we need pics. 🙂

Congratulations on Pippi!

Wonderful you found Pippi! Or that she found you. 😃 We would love to see pics of Pippi too.

Best to all of you and thank you for giving Pippi that special home.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum, look foward to hearing more about Pippi

Welcome to our pack - kudos to you for your rescue.

Thank you so much for opening your home and heart to your new rescue.

Welcome to the Forum and its wonderful that you've given a needy Basenji a good home. I look forward to pictures too.

Big hugs to you for adopting an older basenji. My heart gets broken when I see the senior b's on the BRAT web page. 😞 So give Pippi a hug for me.

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