I am a first time Basenji owner. My pup is named Barley and he is almost three years old. He is a cutie pie, but has had minor issues with his digestive system. I feel like I keep getting mixed information on what to feed him and what is best for him. Not all vets seems to know about Basenji's and I am getting frustrated. I just want whats best for him so I'm joining forums to get advice from those who have had the same experiences. I also love seeing everyones pictures of other Basenji. 🙂


What are you feeding him now? Have you tried other foods? If so, which ones? Many dogs and Basenjis have allergies particularly to corn, some wheat, some to just all grains.

Welcome to the forums, my Bella has a sensitive stomach. I have to be very careful about the things she eats.

My boy also has allergies to "stuff" in some foods, so I can relate.


Welcome to the forum, Amy and Barley. It is good to have you onboard.

Let us know what he is currently eatinga nd then we might be able to help you from there.


Hi! Amy and Barley welcome and were are the pictures? The feeding hard to know you can feed raw meat or go with dog food be hard or can. Then you look all them up what a mess one has this and another this. We do not feed Jaycee raw meat because if we did we would have to do the same with our Akita and I will not feed a 140 lb dog raw meat. Jaycee is on 3 dog foods that we mix together and she has done great we put her on it right after we got her. Did not have any problems from the food she was on to ours so we must have done something correct. Good luck and if you want the mixture be happy to list it for you. Have great weekend.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum Amy and Barley.

Welcome to the forum!

One of our B's is allergic to kibble, we feed our dogs raw food!

Thanks Guys! I made a post in the feeding section with Barley's eating behaviors. Everyone has been really helpful. I'm glad I joined!

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