• hi,my name is Clara,i am a proudly basenji owner from Rijeka Croatia,
    have two basenji,a two and a half year old girl Bubbles and her four month old son Yoda,i'm very happy to have found this forum,hope i will find help here(sorry for my mistakes):)

  • Welcome Clara. What do you need help with? I hope you will post some pictures of your Basenjis. 🙂

  • Clara, please believe me that anyone whose first language is not English has my sincere admiration. No reason to apologize for mistakes! If something needs to be clearer, we can ask.

    Welcome to the forum. Please post pictures of your dogs! Ask anything, someone here should be able to help.

  • Thanks for joining. Please post pictures and ask away!

  • Thanks to all of you for your kind worlds and welcomes,as soon as my friend translate for me my questions,so they don't get lost in miss spelling and miss understanding i will post them,and of course the pictures of my beautiful little angels 🙂

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