Just joined the forums to learn more about Basenji's. We got our dog Luna about 2 years ago as a pup from one of the local animal rescue organizations here in Columbus, Ohio. From the best that we have been able to determine she is mainly Basenji. She has pretty much all the exact characteristics of a Basenji, but she is completely yellow/gold, no white patches like all the other Basenji's I have seen. She can also bark, but also makes all of the other odd sounds that I have heard of Besenji's making. We purchased one of the breed DNA test to find out exactly what she is, but I'm sure once I post some pics you all will agree she is 90% Basenji.

Welcome to the forum!

Hello and Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see the pics 🙂

Welcome, from another Ohioan. We are on the north side of columbus and have 1 r/w boy. We have occasionaly taken him to the Westerville dog park but his behavior has not be great lately. We have cut back. We also help BRAT transport and foster. Great to have more B's in Ohio. I see so few of them in Columbus.

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