Hi, I am new to the forum. My husband I currently live with a 6 year old b/w girl named Gracie. We adopted her 3 years ago after our first, Janie, died at age 15. We didn't know that a Besenji would mind until Gracie. Speaks volumes to us being parents of our first girl that we got as a puppy.:p Gracie lovers her two goats and 6 chickens. She owns her own cat, Kamicko. I am looking forward to hearing from others.

Welcome Mary Lou, we're neighbors since I'm just across the river in Washington state. And being a black white fan myself it's nice to have another b/w person around.
Therese Leimback
FoPaw's Basenjis

Welcome Mary Lou!:) I'd love to see photos of Gracie!


Welcome Mary Lou and Gracie..and hubby too. Nice to have you onboard.

I am also in Wa, but up north further than Therese…welcome.

Thanks to all for the welcome. Sharron, I met you throught BRAT. Gracie is a rescue from CA. You facilitated our meeting with Linda. Not a day goes by that we don't marvel at Gracie. Thank you again for all you do for our beloved friends.

Welcome, from another black-basenji lover!

Glad to have you all here with us - welcome!

I have to say, I have many unmet friends, all done by helping b's and humans find each other. I do enjoy it so…
Hugs...my unmet friend. Linda is great!

Welcome to you and Gracie

Welcome to the forum!

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