I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Michelle and my basenji is Abby. We live in Illinois. Abby is 7 mos old and this spring we are going to work more on agility and we are going to start lure coursing. I have another dog that is a mixed breed named Missy and she is really fast, so I found a place that you can enter any breed to run.

Hi Michelle,

Welcome to the forum! You are going to enjoy all the different stories and photos.

Please post some pics of your babies soon.


Welcome to the boards!

Mine is Abbey too and she's 3 years old. Good to have you join, Michelle.

Hi Abbey!

And welcome!

Do you know what breeds are in your mix??


as near as we can figure she is a lab terrier mix, she looks just like a black lab but is about the size of a terrier and the really cool part is she has a tail that curls over her back like a basenji. I will post some pictures of both of them.

Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy this forum…

Welcome Michelle!! You'll find lots of info & great people here 🙂

Hi Michelle!
Nice to see another Illinoisan. Where are you taking Abby to start her in lure coursing? I know next to nothing about it and have been wondering if our Giz would like it.

I found a place in Wisconsin outside of Kenosha that does lure coursing for all breeds so I can tak my missy too as she loves to run and chase squirls. Thier web site is lurecoursingfanatics.com. I really like the idea of being able to take both dogs.:D

Welcome to the forum, growing everyday, informative and fun.;)

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