Hi from Texas

Hi all, my name is April and I'm a momma of a wonderful Basenji named Jackal. I have only had him for about 2 months. I hope to learn more about this breed through this forum!!

Welcome to you and Jackal - I'm sure you'll learn a lot here on the Forum but also from Jackal himself!

Welcome, who did you get your Basenjis from? Many of us are related by our Basenjis. Care to share who his breeder, sire and dam are?

Glad you found us.

By your other post and how you got Jackal, I would strongly suggest that you DNA him for Fanconi.

The cheek swab is easy to do and gives you knowledge of what is happening in the future for your b's health.

I got Jackal through craigslist.com. I have no idea who whose parents are as they were his second owners. I don't know much about Basenji's except for what I have read online and in this forum.

Thank you all for the welcome!!

How old is your little guy?

The previous owners said he was 9 months old and we have had him a little over 2 months. So he is around 11 months old.

Welcome to the Forum, April and Jackal! We are also in Texas, in Montgomery, near Lake Conroe, or what's left of it now that they are sending water to Houston!

Terry and the Illusion Pack

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