• Hello there.

    I just subscribed a day ago, as I wanted to get access to advice from people who own Basenjis, and noticed there is a section for introducing oneself and the Basenjis.

    My name is Rodrigo, I am from Monterrey, Mexico. I own two Basenjis. Fezzan (3 years old) and Mara (2 years old). I got Fezzan two-and-a-half years ago, when I moved back to Mexico after having spent 5 years in the US (Boston and New York). He was 6 months old then. I got Mara a year later. Here are some pictures of them.

    It was quite a challenge getting a Basenji in Mexico, but I managed (thank you internet).

    I discovered the Basenji when I was 10, reading a book about ?dogs of the world?. Instead of an actual picture, the book portrayed a hand-drawn Basenji and described it as a ?barkless dog from Africa?. I was intrigued by the dog and felt that I would never get to see one (unless I went to Africa). When I moved back to Mexico and decided to search for a dog, my father took out all of his dogs books to help me find a breed and there it was, the ?dogs of the world? book. I saw the Basenji drawing again and right there I knew that that would be the dog I was going to get, and so I did.

    They are quite special dogs; a very peculiar breed. I know have a blast watching them play around. It's a pity they can?t be walked without a leash.

    Looking forward to learning more about these great dogs.


  • Welcome to our pack!
    Your dogs are beautiful (but then they are basenjis!).
    The R/W one looks like he/she just loves to pose 🙂

  • Welcome Rodrigo. Please post pics of the puppies when you get a chance! We love pics! For anyone not reading Rodrigo's other thread, he just had 5 puppies.

  • Welcome to the forum Rodrigo! Both your dogs look very nice 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum

  • Nice to have you here with us. Lovely basenjis.

  • Your dogs are beautiful and I bet they like the warm weather down in Mexico rather than chilly Boston.

  • They looks very good 🙂
    Welcome 🙂

  • Thanks.

    Here are some photos of the puppies. They are awsome. The one that has too much white on its forehead looks very unique.


  • Oh my.. Look at those little miracles… Beautiful.. Thanks for sharing these pictures 🙂

  • nice pix, they are some cuties

  • Glad you found us..do you show your b's?

  • Houston

    Welcome Rodrigo..nice to have you onboard. Your pups are very pretty, your puppies are darling…

  • Thanks for the compliments. The best part is that they are both very good dogs; great around people.

    I do not show my Basenjis. The male, particularly, is too curious and independent, so I am sure he would not be very cooperative if I were to walk him in a place surrounded by people and other dogs. I do jog with them and everyone stares at them, haha.

  • thats a cool story, my fiance and I have a similar one. we got interested in the breed because my father is a dog trainer and had a book of all the dog breeds. my girlfriend one day picked up the book and started reading about the different breeds, her family never had a dog and it was going to take a lot of convincing for her to get one. she noticed the basenji breed and it was perfect because she is allergic to dogs. we then researched the breed for the next year and it took just as long to convince her parents to get one. finally we talked them into it. now we live on our own and have a 9 yr old basenji and a 3 yr old as well. we have a black tri and a red/white. when we eventually get a house we really want to add the brindle to the mix. thx for sharing your story and this is a great site for advice. rodrigo i would like to direct u to this inspiring thread about how the basenji community can help u in times of need. take care man.


  • Thanks for sharing the thread. What a story. There was even an incident with a cop.

    I can imagine how hard it was to convince your fiance's parents about getting a Basenji. When you read about them, several aspects of their personality seem frightening. Once you own them you realize that such aspects are what make them so unique and lovable.

    Good idea about getting a brindle. That was my first pick when I saw the different colors.

    Take care too.



  • The last with all the white was so cute.. I really liked that one.
    Looking forward to see more then they are older 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum - the babies are so gorgeous!

  • Happy birthday Trog - love the spots and love the name. Congrats on the new pup!

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