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We adopted Bunmi from BRAT in 2006. She is a petite black/white female basenji. We always knew she had a special fondness for children, however her behavior yesterday went way above and beyond what I would expect from any basenji. My husband and I are caring for little Michael, my hubby's adult son who has special needs. Yesterday he was making his usual noises while in his room playing video games. I heard him fall and immediately ran to check on him. Bunmi reached him first and was warning our other 2 basenjis to get away. Bunmi stayed with Michael as I called 911 and paced around us as I held him so he could breath. We spent several hours in the ER as Michael came out of the seizure and returned to normal. Now that we are home, Bunmi will not let him out of her sight unless Hubby is with him. She curls up no more than 2 foot away from him, no matter where he goes.

Is there anyone who has successfully trained their basenji for seizure detection? I would appreciate any advice I can get. We are working on several ideas (i.e. web cam feeding to the tv in the living room) to help us keep a close eye on Michael. Having Bunmi on the detection/protection team would be such a blessing. She has already proved her willingness and has yet again given us reason to be thankful for BRAT and the wonderful work they do.

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I am the Texas District Coordinator for BRAT. I have been trying for several days to contact you regarding Lucy, but a filter is blocking my email address. Due to long work hours and various other commitments, telephone communication is difficult at this time. Please email me at to discuss. We have a volunteer lined up to retrieve Lucy from your home at your earliest convenience.

Cynthia Castro
BRAT Volunteer
Texas District Coordinator
Portland, TX

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Just joined a few minutes ago. I am a BRAT District Coordinator in Texas. We have 4 resident dogs: Spinner-age 2-is our "honorary" basenji boy(Labrador/ Catahoula Leopard Dog); Chica-age ~4-8-is our red/white 1st BRAT rescue girl; Rascal-age 1 year-is our brindle boy from Judy Brader in Northern VA; and Bunmi (pronounced Boomie)-age 2-is our black/white 2nd BRAT rescue girl. We live in South Texas near Corpus Christi.

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I highly recommend reading "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell. Ms. Fennell's teaching methods have brought harmony to my resident 4 (including a Labrador/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix and 3 Basenjis). My first Basenji rescue, Chica, was so crate phobic that she destroyed 2 crates in her first two days with us. It has taken us over a year to get her comfortable with the crate. I can add little more to the excellent advice already given, except to wish you, your son and Franc all the best–whatever the outcome.

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