Howdy from Texas!!!!!

Howdy y'all!!! My name is Tonya and my husband and I are now the proud parents of a 2-year-old red/white Basenji that we have named Zola. She is a beautiful girl, and we are totally in love with her. Zola is a rescue, and has been with us for about 3 weeks now, and she fits right into our home. She is the first dog, and first basenji for both of us. We did a lot of research and totally knew that a Basenji would be the right fit for our home. I just wanted to say "howdy" and I will probably have a LOT of questions for you all.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your families!

Looking forward to speaking with you all,

Tonya, Steven, and Zola from Houston, TX

PS: Please enjoy the photos of our pretty girl


Welcome to the forum, and Merry Christmas. Zola looks like a sweetie!

Welcome to the forum Tonya, Steven, and Zola! Nice pics! Thanks for sharing!

Welcome from Canada! My Basenji Girl is from Texas!

Welcome to the forum, we lived in TX for 8 years I know the basenjis enjoyed TX winters more than when we lived in NY.

Welcome Tonya, Steven, and Zola from a fellow Texan in Montgomery, not far from Houston!


Welcome to you all! Zola, you are such a striking girl!

Congrats on your rescue as she is a darling little girl! She looks like she fits right in at home there already. Take care and visit us lots!

Welcome to you and to Zola. I hope you'll enjoy the forum.

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