• Just thought I'd introduce myself.

    We are a Minnesota family with a 3-year-old B named Magnum, whom we got when he was 1 year old. Although he was supposed to be my son's dog, guess whose dog he ended up being? You got it, mine! And I wouldn't have it any other way! I'd never even heard of Basenjis until my son hooked me up, and I decided, hey, Basenjis are the coolest!

    Although I'd grown up with dogs (dobermans, rotterweilers, labs, mixes), I think Basenjis are the breed for me. They're such clowns! My boy makes me laugh every day…that's important to me!

    It's wonderful to find a B forum. Although I belong to a couple of other dog forums, Bs are so different in many ways from other breeds, that finding a specific forum just for them is great! 😃

  • Welcome! It sounds like you've found the right dog and forum! I'm sure you've started to read through all of the fun threads already…I loved your response to the "magic elves" thread. We look forward to hearing more...and pictures, please...we all love pictures!!

  • Hi and welcome! I think I remember you from another list…...

  • Welcome to the forum, sounds like you're hooked. Hello, my name is ….....and I'm a Basenjiholic.:D

    Enjoy and post a pic of your B.;)

  • Nice to meet you gbroxon and Magnum!

  • Hey! I see you're from MN also. Nice to see other's nearby, I don't see too many basenji's around here…I've only ever seen two in my area.

  • That's great, Angie! I've only ever seen…none, in my area! Basenjis sure are a conversation starter!

  • WELCOME!! And you're right people LOVE starting convo's about our dogs no matter where we go 😃 😃 😃 😃

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