• It is officially chilly in Florida. How do I know? Caesar stops moving and begins his impression of a wonton…..

    No movement, no peeing, and he has his sweater on under this…

    MOM! Cover my ears!!!!

    Little Cairo sporting his new blue sweater…

    He is such a cutie…

    Indoor dogs have it rough! It is a whoping 50-60 temp. I have to carry Caesar to the middle of the yard to get him to pee 2x a day! Cairo sits by the pool in his sweater and gives me baby eyes and shivers…..

    I LOVE IT!

  • ADORABLE !!!!! It's considerably colder here in PA. Deke shivers at the bus stop with his coat on. He still wants to go outside but for much shorter times! Those squirrels just call his name he doesn't care how cold it is. They belong in the trees no down where he can see them. HAhaha He runs out just long enough to put them in their place, then wants back in.

  • Sooooo cute! Love the "package" as my kids call it and Cairo's new blue sweater!
    It's hovering around 30 here in VT. Nala is by the fire. Always.

  • It's been in the 20's overnight - and in the mornings when I let EL D out. He does his business then runs around like a banshee (is that a different spelling for basenji - ha) for a bit and then into the house, where he'll hide out in bed until I come home. I usually don't put coats on for our walks until it stays below freezing (EL D came from a breeder up here so he's tolerating it) and I don't do walks when it hits the single digits (frequently here in Minnesota).

  • Tiggy is good in the 50-60s, if it is in the high 40's he's alright as long as it's not windy, anything below 45's and even without a coat he really wants to do nothing other than dive back under the blankets. He'll go out to pee, but trying to get him to poo is a whole different story. I've walked him around for 30 minutes before he would poo, needless to say I can be more stubborn than a basenji

  • Ceaser looks so comfy, cozy and warm. He's a smart little guy to stay in there. Cairo looks very handsome and content in his nice blue sweater. Your boys are such sweethearts.

  • so cute wrapped up in the blanket!

  • How absolutely adorable your kids are!!! Stormie is doing pretty well so far in the cold - yesterday he was not liking the rain that came along with the cold. I was actually thankful for a squirrel that raced in our path as it got Mr. Stubborn Storm moving along - quite briskly I might add! My arm? Slightly "dislocated" 😉 but at least I got a good potty out of him! 😃

  • He, he…our thermostat is only set to 62!

    VERY cute pics!

  • The other day after we came back from our walk, Senji was really cold. He went over to the space heater and gave me a little baroo to tell me to turn it on! 🙂

  • Betsey, It was warm at the park today, the boys would have loved it! None of my 3 will wear any sort of 'clothes', fortunately they are not cold-natured. They have been loving this 60-70 degree weather. Of course, they don't have to get up early and go out, they can wait till the sun is out and it has warmed up. I bought nice fleece lined, water repellant coats for them last year before we went to the mountains. I put the coats on them one damp cold morning and tried to take them for a walk. Not. They looked miserable and refused to move till I took the coats off!

    Like Caesar, they do love to curl up in soft blankies!

    Anne in Tampa

  • I keep the house temp on the cool side and if he's too chilled EL D will either head for his doggie basket or hover in front of the heating vent. Or snuggle next to me if I'm sitting on the couch.

  • They are so funny arent they. Yesterday I put them in the backyard for a bit while I was in the front yard. I come back and peek at them from the kitchen window. They are glued to each other shivering in a sliver of sun on the porch!

  • I got savannah a sweater and when i put it on her she just stood still , didnt want to move around.

  • Ha! She'll get used to it. The boys dont want me to take them off! It is the part that touches their leg that they have to get used to. One wash and it will fit perfectly!

  • EL D has a coat type that snaps around his chest and under ribcage. However he doesn't like the back end because it will cover part of his tail. I have to make sure his tail is on top of the coat or he goes whacko.

  • I can imaging the whacko basenji. Too cute!

  • I think I was redundant – whacko - basenji -- sorry 🙂

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