Stole the chicken and broccoli! So funny!

  • This is so funny, i just came downstairs because the B's were being too quiet so I knew something was going on. I had thrown out some Chinese takeout - Chicken and Broccoli this morning. The container was about half full with chicken and broccoli and had a bunch of brown sauce all over it. I came downstairs and found the empty container in their crate! No trace of the chicken/broccoli OR the sauce ANYWHERE! They somehow carried the WHOLE container out of the garbage (it was not on top of the garbage, it was buried) across the kitchen, dining room and living room into their crate and ate it there!! LOL! No mess at all! Not even any extra garbage spilled out of the bag. I'm looking all over for spilled brown sauce on the carpet or in the kitchen, and nothing! How do they do it!?? Maybe I can train them to put the styroform container back in the garbage when they are done! ha ha ha.

    I swear, I'm gonna catch them walking on twos and using cutlery one day.

  • Here's the picture…


  • Determined to have those leftovers!!! Great story!! I too wonder how they got it out and in their crate with no mess.

  • Naw, when you catch them, you'll find them stealing your cell phone and calling the restaurant themselves. 🙂

  • Very funny tale, thansk for sharing their exploits. If they had opposable thumbs, we would all be in trouble!
    Anne in Tampa

  • They are so funny! Miles ate a bag of candy bars once- and I thought the same thing… where's the evidence?? They are GOOD!

  • Boy are they good…My Jojo is soooo quiet when she gets into something and usually leavews NO evidence unless I catch her in the act quite by accident...

  • Yes, quiet = something's up! Nala is a sneak too!

  • Hope they hold it down one way or another!

  • ha ha, yeah left over chinese may keep them running LOL>…...:p

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