Clothes fiend: funny story

So im setting up clothes and then pilot comes over and steals it, and then brings it down stairs, i said pilot no! and he kept running,then when i catch up to him he wants to play tug o' war with it, he always does that!

Yeap I have to wait for my B to take a nap before attempting to fold my clothes

Oah my gosh that is soooo true! No cleaning, folding clothes, etc while our little guy is awake 😉
Its just mass distruction if I even try to attempt this while he is around

whenever i get clothes out of the dryer and put them in a pile to fold, tayda and lenny try to get there as fast as possible to lay down and soak up all the heat from the warm clothes…. warm.....warm.... 🙂

Hollie also likes the WARM fresh laundry. Unfortunately, Hollie is a basenji mix and she does shed some…. makes our clothes clean and dog hair covered.

With my Mickii it is a fight to see who gets to the laundry basket of clean warm clothes first… and she usually wins!

Better than mine who takes them out of the basket and runs like heck around the house with them dragging across the floor!

I don't have that problem with Jojo…maybe because she is 11 yrs young but she will eat tissue from the bathroom trash can and has got into the kitchen trash can so we have changed the cans or put them where Jojo can't get to them...OMG she did eat the crotch out of my husband's boxers once when they were left out...

Mickii at 14 still gets into the laundry basket and helps to make the bed with those nicely washed clean sheets!

Zuri has only been with us for 2 weeks and she already has a liking for my underwear…laundry basket full of all sorts of things....but it's the undies she goes for! Good thing she is so darned cute!:D

lucky me, i get the best of both worlds. fender wants to lie in the warm, clean laundry and chew on the undies.

Yes, all Basenjis go for the "crotch"…. it is a favorite....

I must have a couple of oddballs-mine don't chew underwear, they just like to lay there!

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