Funny little story

We were at my sister-in-laws house this weekend and I took my niece with us on a walk with our B. Well our B decided it was time to pee so he peed on a neighbors lawn. My niece thought that was not nice so I said don't worry if the owner asks me I'll say it's magic Pee:p . It will help his lawn grow greener and more beautiful. O.k today my niece(8 years old) came to my office for a visit and I was telling her to tell my coworker how nice the flowers were growing (I bought her flowers for easter that we planted from bulbs), anyway my niece just blurts out "that's because Champ has magic pee." How funny is that. 😃

LOL…What a cute story...

Kids say the darndest things, LOL!!!:eek:

Sometimes I actually think basenjis have magic pee. The grass always seems to be greener in those spots. 😃

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