• I get this comment a lot from people who see me walking Zenu and want to ask questions about the breed. If I had a dime for every person who says, "Ohhh, she looks like a little fox!" I would be able to buy an expensive coffee every day!

    How do strangers react to your B? do you get the "looks like a fox" comment too?

  • lol 🙂 Sometimes I get that comment…but I do remember that was one of the first things I said when I saw Tosca for the first time 🙂

  • All the time:rolleyes:

  • Having a brindle may change that for me…I have never been told she looks like a little fox. I assume it is much more likley a comment with a Red kid. I alwayse get the Gazelle comment from people at the dog park...but I think the same thing...they do look lik elittle Gazelles when they are running around. 😃

  • We get the fox comment all the time, and there is something fox-like about them, though foxes have big bushy tails and not curly ones.

    With the 2, now we get "oh, they must be brother and sister!" Nope, just friends. And the little boy this week that said, "Mom, look, those foxes match!":D

  • most people think kiro looks like a

    • min pin
    • terrier
    • gazlle and fox very far between

    I think she looks like bambi…. the way thier eyes and face is ...look at a picture of bambi and then your b......

  • I've gotten alot of "is that a dingo?" comments. We respond with a "no, he's a basenji-mix" and then we get… "a ba-WHAT?"

  • A dingo…..... lolololololololoololol 😮

  • see

  • hopefully it works this time…

    how do you delete a post? sorry? about the above ones 😞

  • We get the fox-thing as well, but bambi/deer is the #1 comment!

  • Hahahaha. One of my daughters always calls Fiji Fawna, because she says she looks like Bambi's mom.

  • Ru & Brando always get told they look like foxes or little deer. Both are red & white. 😃 I've also had the dingo comment which made me laugh.

  • I was asked if he was a "haitian dog" yesterday. I couldn't tell if that is an actual breed or if the guy was making fun of me.

  • When we had red ones, we got the fox question, or "tiny deer". Here in Florida we have tiny Key Deer, (only down in the Keys), and people would think (from a distance) that we had 5 little Key deer on leashes. I think red Shiba Inu's DO look like foxes!

    Anne in Tampa, with black basenjis…no one thinks they are anything but dogs!

  • I get the dingo comment too, but pretty rarely compared to the fox comment. Its interesting because dingoes are quite big compared to Basenjis, IIRC, but people often mix the two up… thinking that dingos are small, and thinking that basenjis are quite large, like the size of a husky. I get a lot of, "Oh I've heard of Basenjis but I didnt know they were that tiny!"

    Once, I left her outside of a store to run in and get something, and some lady told me that my dog was so cute that she was thinking of stealing her, and if I hadn't come out of the store when I did, my dog would be gone. It sounds like a joke but the woman telling me this seemed pretty serious. (and a little drunk)
    I dont leave her tied up outside of stores much anymore!

  • Ick, ick, ick on drunk lady talking about stealing your little fox.

    We get into a lot of conversations about the dogs when we're walking them in the neighborhood, but a guy yesterday commented on how pretty they were, then asked "What did you pay for them? What would those dogs go for on the open market?" :eek: Totally creeped me out.

  • Yeah, some people's comments are definitely strange…we were in Saint Louis this past week, and brought Tosca. We stayed downtown and when we had some downtime in our room, I tried to take Tosca out for a walk. Well, there is quite the homeless population milling about, and many, many of them took great delight in seeing Tosca. Most were very friendly, we chatted a bit about her, they petted her and we went on our way. One guy, though, (also drunk probably) pet her and said a couple of times "you should give her to me." I just held on tight to her leash and ended the conversation as quickly as possible and moved on. However, in the back of my mind I was scared he would try to overpower me and take her leash...luckily I was always in a populated area so I don't think anything would happen, but still a bit scary nontheless.

  • you guys are so funny….. when you had this face....:eek: i literally laughed out loud in my office.....

    I feel embarrased to say this (even though i shouldnt.....) But i had someone (a weird guy x-friend) tell me that my dog was SEXY before and kept looking at her funny....:mad:

    yeah removed us quickly...top speed....and said "stop looking at my dog like that" really strange.....thats just not a joke..... cause its not funny... 😞

  • Oh definitely - your pup must have been the model for the bambi!
    I generally just get the generic "what kind of dog will that be when it grows up"!
    Minnesota is a hunting state and most people have the big hunting dogs (- or the little mop dogs).

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