• The funniest thing I've ever had my girl do is get into the christmas presents. She was a little horror when she was younger! So we tied a string alarm up in the longue room to protect the christmas tree and presents beneath, and hung bells on the string to let us know if she tried getting into it.

    Well, who said basenji's weren't intelligent???!

    After the first time we were alerted by the jingle and told her no, she caught onto the way the trap worked and effectively stepped quietly over it.

    She is definately not a stupid dog. Defiant, deviant, willful, disobidient and stubborn at her worst yes, stupid – no. She was also a regular escape artist when she was younger too. Although in saying all this, she knows just as many dog tricks as any other dog and will do them more than willingly for a treat.

  • That's funny! They outwit us every time, don't they? Any time Abbey wants something she can't get, she studies the situation calmly, formulates a plan, and in due time carries out her plan. She chewed up my alarm clock (cordless) so I put it on top of the dresser. She waited till I was in the shower, moved the quilt off the chair next to the dresser, climbed up, moved a stack of books and my jewelry box, and got that clock again. One of the funniest stories I've read on this board was about a basenji that went to grandma's house and nobody would give him any dinner so he climbed up on the back of the recliner and launched himself through the air to the table and landed in the middle of the mashed potatoes. Now that's a basenji!

  • Yes, we all have sweet, SMART, babies. I'll tell you that I am amazed at this breed, they are the smartest, and stubborn to the core. Sahara is unrelenting on things she wants, I too had trouble with her a few times with climbing up a stack of boxes next to my dresser to find her on top of my vanity going through my things, and don't even leave a paperback book laying around, it is history if you do. I am thinking of giving Sahara a roll of toilet paper for her birthday on the 31st. haha!!!!!

  • HA HA LOL LOL 😃 😃 that's a great story!

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