Funny Newspaper Photo

Hi. I saw this photo in our local newspaper and thought some might find it funny. Live long and prosper.

Oh, that's so funny - especially the eyebrows!!! 😃

hahaha, basenji Mr. Spock

If you double click the photo, it enlarges slightly.

First Basenji's

That's cute… and fitting for a basenji to represent Spock, lol.

My walking friend is a trekkie, I will have to show it to her, she will love it!

Live long and prosper!

I've been looking for one that has a basenji-Yoda.

He he he he … wonder if this Spock does the infamous 'mind meld'?

Nice coif!

I know for sure mine does the "mind meld" – she doesn't even touch me, just stares into my eyes.

pari1art, we always buy that paper, (just so we keep up to date with whats happening in the 'real' world !!!), and hubby couldnt wait to bring it home to show me…

Im no trekkie fan, (if thats what they are called !!!), but he is and he really loved it 😉

I found gift cards and a calendar with this image. The calendar is called Famous Faces. You maybe be able to see it if you google it. There is an Amy Winehouse, a Castro etc etc. Spock is the only Basenji though.

Found a link:

Very cute - I'm sure putting that stuff on him helped a lot with the look in his eyes, slightly peeved!

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