• I got Goober from the North Shore Animal League in Long Island, NY. He was dropped off neutered and with no history. So I made up a back story to make him less mysterious. Enjoy.

    Dr. Jack Eevel was your typical mad scientist. Atomic supermen, high jacked nuclear weapons, frickin sharks with fricking laser beams on their fricking heads. When his plan for world domination was cut short by a bumbling, over sexed "secret" agent he switched to breeding atomic super dogs instead.

    His attempt at breeding a Basenji the size of an elephant left his secret rocket ship a ragged mess. After he was forced to roll up a giant newspaper and build a state of the art sound system to broad cast "Who did this? BAD DOG!" he moved on to black labs. He dropped off his neutered test pups at the North Shore Animal League, LI, NY.

    Dr. Eevel is currently enjoying his retirement in his secret volcano lair in the Republic of Pulau.

  • When did you get him?? I think I saw him…I went to the NSAL in LI & I think I may have met Goober 😃 So glad he got a good home!

    And I love his history 😃 😃 😃

  • April 18, 2007

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