No more fishy shaped chicken nugget

We had McDonalds dinner and I had chicken nuggets, I'm sitting here on the couch eatting. I pull out this chicken nugget that is shaped like a fish. I turn to my DH and say "look it's fishy shaped" and at that very instant all I here is the sound of teeth crunching into my fishy shaped chicken nugget and it disappears from my hand from a dark colored blur :eek:

Now I am short one chicken nugget and the other dogs believe that they need a chicken nugget also LOL

Basenji Mix

They know when they've been short changed, don't they? I was eating some potato chips today and the dogs were staring me down so I'd give them some. I gave Duke one then Daisy one. Then Duke the last one. Daisy really got upset as she was jumping and clawing me for more. I told her I was sorry and that she'd get the extra piece next time. Ha ha! Do you know, she quieted down? I think they understand everything I say!

LOL When I I was done eating I gave the other two half of one each, of course the chicken nugget thief thought he needed another one.

First Basenji's

Humm, I only eat at the table….my pack loves yogurt....I'm kinda strick on begging, so they don't. But yogurt is what they will beg for and I share

I know it's bad, but I share flour tortillas. I eat them randomly and will toss Medjai a little piece of one. He likes to play with it more than eat it, but he also like to eat it.

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