• Will the rain in Ohio please get over with all ready!!! We really need the rain here but I am sick of cleaning up potty spots in the house because the furbabies refuse to get their feet wet :p ! Thank goodness the rain let up just enough for us to get our walk in – I dont know what they would have been like if they hadnt gotten that today!

  • We in the PNW have rain coats for the dogs and my 2 know they have to "produce" before we head back home.
    So, honey, put your rain coat on and walk those dogs in the rain…
    They do get the message very quickly, and it will save those carpets.

  • LOL,,,,,,,,,thanks for the advice,,,,,,,,it doesnt help that we got our third b this weekend and things are a little crazy anyway,,,,,,,tomarrow will be better,,,,,,,,,I hope 😉

  • I hear you. Are you in Cincy? My Sally really needed to "produce" and waited until today. Wow did she ever! No accident though. Do you mean you have rain coats for your B's? If so where did you find them?

  • No, we are east of Cincy,,,,,,southeastern Ohio,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rain again this morning,,,,,,,,the two boys went immediately this morning but Bella would NOT go,,,,,,,I think she is going on holding it for 14 hours now,,,,,,WOW,,,,,,I am a teacher and I KNOW my bladder is not that good!!!

  • It's raining pretty hard here in south central PA right now too. I fed Spencer this morning and was keeping my eye on him. Ten minutes later he was missing. I found him in the formal living room getting ready to do the dirty deed. I called his name and he jumped and started to run. He knew he was doing wrong. I followed him into the family room and he started to do it again!! I finally caught him and shoved his little hind end out the door. I even walked around the back yard with him and he refused to produce!! Now he's hooked onto me by a leash until he decides he can't hold it anymore. He's crazy but I sure do love him!!

  • You are probably getting the rain we had alllllllllllll last week in Minnesota.
    I would get up earlier (so I'd have more time to do this) and try to time letting El D out while it was only drizzling and I would stay out there with him to make sure - it helps that I have a deck and trees he can get under - but he would hold off pooping until I got home from work.

    P.S. I got a raincoat from Lands End. www.drsfostersmith.com also have a few.

  • I live near Pittsburgh, and we're getting hit with all the rain too. Senji never has accidents in the house…he'll hold it all day. I actually got him out to pee 3 times yesterday, but he'd run straight back into the house after that. He hasn't pooped yet and he hasn't been out yet today. I even hold a big golf umbrella over him!

  • It actually stopped raining for about 15 minutes! I hurried up and took Senji out for a walk and he "did his business." He walked on the street the whole time and only went up on the grass for the minimal amount of time to do #2. He was so happy, he was doing the B-500 once he got home!

  • All of mine do the same thing in the rain. Luckily, I have trees out the back that are a really good cover for them to go. But, since the back isn't fenced they have to go out on the leash!

  • Pee-pads. Put 'em in a corner of your house when you can't be there or when there's bad weather and train your dog to use them.

  • When worst comes to worst for me, I put the basenjis in the car and take them on a 5 min drive to a park, where I drag them from the car and they go.
    I don't know if its because they are desperate, or the "stimulation" of being in the car, but this is my fool proof way to get the job done.

  • I had to literally DRAG tayda and lenny around the yard today until they would go. so much for the easy fenced in yard.

  • I have to say, even when the weather is nice, my b's doen't like to "go" in the backyard.
    Guess as they are out there sunning themselves, they see that as an extention of the house.
    My dogs don't even like to go in my front yard..
    Seems like they like to get away from where they live…at least that is what I find.

  • Well, the rain has come our way now. Lillie also wouldn't go out. Finally at night I had to pick my husband up at the doctor. Before going into the car she stopped at the grass and took the longest pee I had ever seen! No poop yet. I think it's supposed to be sunny here tomorrow. (Wishful thinking?)

  • Fingers crossed for you Jodie,,,,,,,,,it finally let up here and the dogs played out in the yard for several hours all together tonight,,,,,,,,they had a LOT of pent up energy!!!!

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    I have to say, even when the weather is nice, my b's doen't like to "go" in the backyard.
    Guess as they are out there sunning themselves, they see that as an extention of the house.
    My dogs don't even like to go in my front yard..
    Seems like they like to get away from where they live…at least that is what I find.

    Same thing here with us…we sometimes have to drag them to the park to get them to empty out. Buddy gives me the impression that he's saving all the poopies inside him for marking the park to extend his territorial gains...why waste precious markers on already-claimed property? When we go to the park, Buddy will usually poop 3-4 times; all properly distanced apart for maximum gain. We are lucky if he goes once in the backyard (or the front yard for that matter).

  • For Sure Basenjis hate to get their feet wet, or get wet PERIOD! I have to take Sahara out to potty with her leash, or she just wouldn't go. I take her out when it slacks, and sometimes I have to cover her with my umbrella. She is pretty good about getting to business most of the time, she is trained to know that the leash comes off when she goes, and she can run where she wants. These dogs are too much, but we LOVE them. haha"!!!!!

  • I love our trampoline! When it's raining hard, or after a deep snowfall, I just carry Samantha into the back yard and toss her under the trampoline to take care of her business. If I don't carry her out, she usually won't even go out the door.

  • It's funny how Lillie refuses to go outside in the rain to do her business. Surprise yesterday when it was raining, she spotted the rottweiler who lives down the block. She ran outside on my deck to get a good view of him. Hmm, what's that all about?:) Thankfully, it has stopped raining (at least for awhile) so my husband and son just took Lillie out for a long, long walk. She is so funny!

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