• So here's a question I'm sure has been brought up before…

    When the wife and I go to the pet store, we're always unsure what to get She-Ra for a toy. Yeah, it doesn't matter what we get...she'll still want a shoe or a book to shred, but can anyone here share some toy ideas that basenjis actually like?

    We have a soccer ball in the backyard she likes to chase occasionally when I kick it. She's not much for fetch, though, which I'd read about the breed.

  • Mine like any stuffed animal that they can kill, disembowel, toss around and play tug-o-war with. I try to buy the sturdiest possible animals so they last a day or two. I like to get the occasional long stuffed toy {ie snake} so they can really tussle over and with it. It's cute to see them dragging it along behind themselves. Toys with some real hair on them are always big hits here.

    Also, toys that move around the room by themselves. Scary at first, then intriguing. I only use those when I am present, and only for a few minutes.

  • Mine likes the animals too, but they don't make it past 30 minutes, so I get him tennis ball material toys with squeakers. He also likes a kong with natural penut butter in them. ultimately the thing he wants to play with usually is his bed from his own crate, so I have to close the door for him.

  • Phoenix seems to like anything fluffy lol But is Favorite is anything that acaully talks to him i have a couple balls and some stuffed toys that instead of sqeeking that talk to him they say things on the idea of ….. come here puppy, ouch let go of me, stinky dog stinky dog , that is does a rasaberry at him , it giggles, and my favorite of the saying are "Hey what are u doing puppy uhh ya i'm talking to you " lol lol 🙂 he loves those the talking toys more then anything but i only let him play with them when he's supervised because there not cheap and i want to "try" and make them last alittle while otherwise any soft sqeeky toy he loves when he doesnt have his talking ones.
    i know alot of people used kongs for there dogs and they love them I have 3 of those and all of my dogs can't stand them i think they look at them and think "pssst she thinks where going to work that hard to get something ummm nope where not " lol lol 🙂

  • mine love stuffed animals, they have tennis balls, but they really love each other as toys

  • I used to buy Tayda and Lenny fancy dog toys, but they destroy them in no time, and I find they enjoy my homemade ones just as much (and they are free)… when socks get old or I lose one out of a pair, I'll tie a few together and make a knot toy. Sometimes I'll take a tennis ball and put it in the sock and tie the end. Empty plastic pop bottles of various sizes --- I put some treats in and screw the cap on real tight and let them have at it...

    the only things i really buy now are the nylabones and hard chewies.

  • Mine when they were younger loved stuffed toys… but only to "disembowel" them... gggg And then they would play just as much with the "coverings" as they did when they had stuffing.... Also the coverings made great toys when we had puppies ... and easy to wash...

  • Chance loves paper. All types of paper. Its cheap and funny to watch him shread it.

  • Stuffed toys with interesting shapes and textures seem to be a favorite around here. I have a goofy looking stuffed bunny that has longish hair, is a bright fuschia color, and now has one ear that is quite the star lately. 🙂

  • Along with the other good toys listed, my two kids like the challenge of the cube you put kibbles in the middle and they toss it about to spill the goods and eat. I've had it for about a year now. I have to remove it from the "arena" for the times I can supervise play. They just love it.

  • We have this talk to me ball. It has a little recorder in it so you can record whatever you want. You put some treats in it and when the dog pushes the ball around the recording comes on and treats fall out the bottom every once in a while. You can't use it for unsupervised play though because your dog, like mine, will probably try to figure out how you got in there and how he's gonna get you out!!

  • Mine like the Buster Cube, and similar balls that hold kibble. Also stuffed animals (garage sales, thrift stores), and the anmials that make repeating noises with a squeeze. Nicky likes baby toys, like the ones that you pull a cord and it plays music. They have favotire stuffed toys they have had for years, and others die quickly. Nicky loves to steal my shoes and eat them, my husband bought her a purse of her own at a garage sale, lovely leather. She has been slowly working on it for many months, knows it is HERS.

    Mine have almost never liked real dog toys.

    Anne in Tampa

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