Marvin... Basenji?

@scraplover72 Definitely seeing Basenji in Marvin.

@elbrant said in Marvin... Basenji?:

Basenji's are known for a square body shape - which is why the community will ask for (a side view) picture of the dog standing. We are looking to see if the length of the legs and back for that square.-like shape.

Not precisely. A great many true Basenjis are not square, some are long cast and others high on the leg, but what I am looking for as well is the tuck, the depth of brisket and overall body shape which defines a Basenji. Height, weight, outline - all come into it but so too does body shape.

And feet.

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He is SO beautiful!!!! Congratulations on your new family addition. He looks like some Basenji in there, but we love all Basenjis...even if they are simply Basenji wannabes!!!!! Welcome to the group!

And the verdict is in....
ZERO basenji. I was shocked!
He’s 50% cattle dog and 36% American Staffordshire Terrier and the rest random stuff like Cathoula Leopard, Mexican street dog, French bull dog.
So interesting! I appreciate everyone’s input. I just love my sweet boy so much and I’m happy to know his background.. 🐾💕

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I am starting to have less and less faith in DNA testing to determine lineage. He is Marvin - that is more than enough to endear him to you and everyone else.

@scraplover72 said in Marvin... Basenji?:

ZERO basenji

I'm shocked! And I would never have suggested Cattle dog/American Staffordshire. Wow!
Fun to have this story added to the "Adventures of Marvin"! Enjoy him!

He is one handsome boy! Doesn't really matter who his parents are if you love them and they love you!. So glad you found each other. Enjoy the ride.

I am shocked! I would have bet $$ that he was part basenji!! Regardless - he’s adorable and you’re both lucky to have found each other! 🐾❤

@kembe I would of lost money on that bet too. I was convinced Marvin had some Basenji in him. I can't believe he doesn't. I demand a retest @scraplover72. In the absence of a retest I move that Marvin be afforded honorary membership into the Almost Basenji Secret Society Club of Planet Earth. Do I hear a second?

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So many times people post pictures and ask what folks on the forum think about their dogs. Often, the most convincing in appearance turn out disappointingly to not have any Basenji blood. When you think about it, there are not likely all that many crossbreds out there. Most people with an intact Basenji bitch are not looking to cover her with anything but a purebred male, and in North America generally females are spayed because most breeders require it for pet puppies. Bitches that are showing are even less likely to be bred to something outside the breed.

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