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And the verdict is in....
ZERO basenji. I was shocked!
He’s 50% cattle dog and 36% American Staffordshire Terrier and the rest random stuff like Cathoula Leopard, Mexican street dog, French bull dog.
So interesting! I appreciate everyone’s input. I just love my sweet boy so much and I’m happy to know his background.. 🐾💕

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Thank you!

Yes he is 28 pounds, so a bit bigger. I have not measured him height-wise.

I’ll let you know when I get the DNA results 🙂

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Thank you both!
Here’s a side view. We have the DNA test coming today and I think it will take at least a few weeks before we know. I am so curious to know, especially due to lack of barking.

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Hello all,
Wondering if anyone can weigh in on whether our boy looks to be Basenji? The shelter we just adopted him from said JRT/pit but we are skeptical.
Let me first say I am obsessed with this dog. He’s a handful but so so loving. Currently on my lap for my morning cup of coffee, as per usual routine. He bonded to our family FAST. He’s 6 months, does not bark. Has white stockings/gloves and chest, white tip tail but tail is not curly (though it is bent at the end). Very social with other dogs, plays at local dog park daily and thinks he is much bigger than he is lol. He’s afraid of cars so I am not sure how else to get his wiggles out, when I try to walk him through town he is shaking with fear due to traffic (small New England village, not big city) . Anyway I know that part is likely due to past experiences so not relevant. Marvin is stealth. I go upstairs and turn around and he’s right behind me, and I never hear him. He just cocks his head and looks at me curiously. My older daughter has called him “jackal” and “cat-dog” from the day we got him, before we had even heard about the basenji breed.
Anyway. I’m going to try to add a pic. The new love of my life. I think my husband is a little jealous.

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