Basenji Tri for Adoption - Medfly Final Encore

  • As you may have heard The Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue has been retired. Yet, here I am for one, and only one, final last encore!

    We did a favor and took in a trio of tris. A pair found a wonderful home together leaving this handsome guy to charm us. If we were 20 years younger, he would already have his forever home. Jax is one of the brightest guys we have met in all the years and he is loaded with personality. He grew up with other Basenjis and misses his buddies very much.

    As Jax’ guardians, we will be very picky about who will get to enjoy adding this spectacular boy to their lives. Jax will need a home with someone who has previous experience with a Basenji. While he would do well in a house without small children, we believe he will do well in a house with other dogs, especially Basenjis.

    We are located in Eastern Los Angeles County in California and you’d need to travel to us. The Medfly Brigade web page isn’t being managed at this time and the phone # is no longer active, so please contact me via e-mail - karen at basenjirescue dot com.

    • Karen Jones

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  • oh how I wish I could !!!

  • Yay! Karen is here. We got Jengo from Karen. If we didn’t already have Logan I’d be on my way to see you and Jax. I know you’ll find him the right home. 👍

  • @medfly
    He’s a BEAUTY! Thank you for all you’ve done for the Basenji breed. 🙏❤🐾

  • We are interested. We live in Yuma AZ. Tell us about the dog please. We are retired, have fully fenced front and back yard. We travel frequently in our 38’ RV. Owned a BRAT tri for 9 years. I have volunteered for BRAT. Our Maggie traveled everywhere with us. Dean Sigler, Michael Robinson, Liz Newton can vouches for us. We have a 2 year old MinPin (of questionable parentage.) Teddy is a sweet boy who needs a partner in crime. We can be reached at [private contact info]

  • I forgot to mention I was an Animal Health Technician for 20 years. Our current boy sleeps with us and is only left alone at home for 30 - 60 minutes once or twice a month due to hot weather (can’t leave home in car.) 99% of the time the dogs will be with us. I am also a State of CA Superior Court certified animal behavior expert. I was the Animal Control Supervisor for the City of Chico CA for 11 years and was required to evaluate the behavior of dogs Who had bitten people and make recommendations to the courts on what should be done about the dogs.

  • He looks just like my Angel ❤️I would love to put a picture of her on this forum but haven’t been able to figure it out

  • I had not heard you were closing. Thank you for all you have done.
    Such a handsome boy. May the perfect home contact you soon!

  • Hi Karen, many years ago I got Emma from u! Wonder girl, she passed 3 years ago at 19! Still
    Miss her! I also got Rickie from you in or about 2005 , he was 1 and 1/2 ...and a pistol...his original name was peanut. He is going to be 13 next month and a wonderful guy!! Just had his teeth cleaned and he has grown up to be a bright guy! Everyone who sees him admired him! Thank

  • He is beautiful! I am sure he will win over his new soul mate in short order

  • Please note: interested parties should be contacting @Medfly privately, through the email address that is 'discreetly' provided at the end of her post. (thank you)

  • Hi Karen-I was unaware that you were closing. Thank you for all you have done for Basenjis (and for the lucky adopters of your wonderful Bs!) God bless you for your big, kind heart.

  • Agree that Medfly has been in the past a great place for finding a rescue... they have spent many years assisting placements with pups from some not so responsible breeders.... Will totally miss them... and what they have done for Basenji placements. This looks like a lovely pup.... and I know for sure that Medfly will find his perfect home. Hugs Karen for all that you have done over the years...

  • Lost our two baby’s one 2 moths ago 16 1/2 (salsa) and Nicky 1 ago 17 1/2 . We’re interested in your Adoption

  • @mark007 said in Basenji Tri for Adoption - Medfly Final Encore:

    We’re interested

    Please reach out via the email address that Karen left at the bottom of her post. (thanks)

  • @Medfly Please let us know when this young man finds his new family. 🙂

  • Update: We're tapping the pause button on Jax' adoption until things settle down. The COVID-19 surge here in Southern California has gotten way too scary and close. Several neighbors have become infected as have scores of friends/family of friends. It would be irresponsible for us to entertain guests while cases are soaring. We will continue to work with Jax' confidence and manners during this pause. Once this current surge eases, we will update and invite new inquiries. Till then we are going to become hermits.

  • @medfly said in Basenji Tri for Adoption - Medfly Final Encore:

    We're tapping the pause button

    Thank you for letting us know. Be safe. Stay healthy!

  • He is absolutely beautiful and I wish he was in Ireland 😭 Good luck to you and Jax 🍀🍀. I will be hoping he finds his forever home soon. ❤

  • @medfly
    Be well and stay safe Karen. ❤ Jax is in the best possible home in the meantime.

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