• All,

    I am a previous basenji owner who is wanting to become one again. I live in between Austin and Houston. I am having a hard time locating one! Please help.

    I have read the thread posted by steph from 4 months ago and would like to know how that worked out.


  • Please go to www.basenji.org and then to the link that says Find a Puppy. You can search by state. In the state of Tx there are any number of NOT responsible breeders that do not health test. Note that health testing results for Fanconi and PRA are public posted, do not just someones word they were tested, look for yourself. Go to www.offa.org, you need the Sire/Dam's registration number or registered name to search. Or ask hear many of us are around to help

  • Thank you for the information!

  • You can also check with Camp Basenji if you are interested in an adult rescue. I know she has tris since I have one from her. 🙂 Pam does NOT list all her available dogs as people tend to fixate on a picture and just want THAT one. She is superb at matching people with the right dog if you are upfront about what you want and can handle. We still laugh at me wanting a NOT too laid back dog. She almost didn't let me have one, figuring SOMETHING was wrong with me wanting a tough dog. But after a while, she decided I was okay and she sent me "THE FEISTY ONE" . LOL, the having is not the same as the wanting as Spock said. (Just joking, I adore every atom of her being.)


    Cara in wild play mode. 🙂


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