Looking for a home for my 2.5 yr old female tri color

  • This past october I adopted zoe on her birthday. She is spayed and up to date on all shots. Also has a gps transponder implanted in her neck. Adopted her from the humane society for 300. The reasons I am looking for a home for her is that my work schedule has changed and that my current housing situation doesnt allow pets. I have been hiding her these last 6 months and havent been able to find different housing due to working more. Its just not fair to her being stuck inside all day when she loves activity and running. A little about zoe is that she has been the best behaved and mannered dog ive had or been around. She is very obedient, has never relieved herself in the house or any friends house, is very easy going at the dog park, very clean, and she is very scheduled as in eating and going outside and for walks. She just deserves better than what I have been offering her and belongs somewhere with a larger house and land. I have pictures of her I can send with my cell phone. And am willing to meet out of state if need be.
    Thanks mike 651 214 5313 feel free to call with any questions or email hotrodlincoln187@yahoo.com

  • You may want to contact BRAT, basenji rescue and transport, just enter that in the search engine, good luck, she sounds lovely.

  • Sigh. You may need to check your adoption contract. It is possible that they prohibit you from placing her without their approval. I will refrain from asking why you rushed to get a dog before you could legally keep her, or comments about the slack humane society for adopting without written proof from landlord you could have her (which is standard for GOOD rescues and shelters)… and just say glad you are trying to find her a home. That said, I agree. Get in touch with Basenji rescue who can foster her and find her a perfect home.

  • Mike, I must say at least your trying to find a home for your girl and not just putting her to the trash. While I cannot and will not give up my babies that does not mean that sometimes for some reason someone has to find a new home for there B. I also go with checking your contract as there maybe your answer. Whatever the outcome I do hope that you do find the correct home and keep looking until you do. Best of luck.

    Rita Jean

  • Hi Mike,
    I just sent you an email :).

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