1 1/2 YO Tri Color Basenji Female needs a home in Oklahoma

  • I have a purebred Tri-Color Basenji female. A year and a half old. Her name is Allie. She is very beautiful and very sweet. I have recently moved into an apartment and do not have enough time to give her the exercise she needs. I moved from a house that had a large back yard that she always ran around in. I am in college and have work at night as well and she is stuck inside all day and she is very antsy. She needs lots of room to run around. She is spayed. She has had her shots and is pretty much housebroken, rarely has accidents but sometimes does since she was mainly outside at my previous house. She came inside at night and slept in her crate. MUST have a back yard for her to play in. She WILL become destructive if not properly exercised. She is a very good dog but just needs a little more training if you are to make her a full-time house pet. She is AKC as well. She will come with her crate, collar and leash. She eats Purina One dog food as well. So if you change her food change it slowly or she will get sick. Email me about your living arrangements. Asking for a $200 adoption fee. THIS IS REASONABLE. Basenji's are NOT a common breed to the US and cost a LOT. Look it up. I paid $500 for her when she was 3mo. No pictures yet as I do not have a camera. She is a very gorgeous Tri Color. My email address is storm_girl2009@yahoo.com if interested.

  • Did she come from a breeder? Was there a contract? Most responsible breeders will require that if a pup they have bred has to be given up that it goes back to the Breeder? Also, is she or her sire and dam been DNA tested for Fanconi?

  • Sorry you have to re-home your girl. You are the first! college student I have run across that doesn't have a cell with photo capability. Perhaps you have a friend that can take a pic and send it to your email so you can post it?

    I agree with 'Tanza'. If you have the AKC papers please post the (&-or) sire/dam/litter and someone here can help you contact the breeder in case you lost your contact information.

    Best wishes in your re-homing efforts.:)

  • She was a pup of my parents. And she is Fanconi Negative. They used to breed basenji's. Not anymore. She was one of theirs.

  • Brat will find her a wonderful home, but they won't pay you for her.
    Please consider that..BRAT does home visits, checks out vet references and makes sure the dog won't bounce.
    It the best thing to do for any dog who needs a home.

  • There is no test that says fanconi negative - just clear, carrier, affected or indeterminate. We've done a good job educating folks about that so anyone who would adopt her would expect to see the actual paperwork from OFFA or the information to look it up on the website.

    So your parents were the breeders - and cannot take her back - is that what I'm understanding?

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Brat will find her a wonderful home, but they won't pay you for her.
    Please consider that..BRAT does home visits, checks out vet references and makes sure the dog won't bounce.
    It the best thing to do for any dog who needs a home.

    I'm a volunteer with BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport) also and I live here in Oklahoma, like Sharron said, we can take the dog into rescue and find her a new wonderful home. That way she has more "people time" I understand what it's like the be a college student, and have to work full time, I have been there, it is really hard (thankfully I don't have to do I right now)

    Please let BRAT help your dog, we help save and rescue lots of Basenjis, they are not quite "rare", but more of a "less common" breed. đŸ˜‰

  • @storm_girl18:

    She was a pup of my parents. And she is Fanconi Negative. They used to breed basenji's. Not anymore. She was one of theirs.

    The only way that she could be "clear" of Fanconi is if she is DNA tested for Fanconi. "Negative" for Fanconi would only really mean that if you strip test her, she at the time of the strip test is not spilling sugar in her urine. And since she is under 2yrs and Fanconi usually doesn't show up till 3yrs, really doesn't mean anything.

  • Houston

  • That's really to bad not really sure why she had to buy the dog in first place if it was from her parent's. I sure do hope it get's a loving home it is a pretty dog.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    that is waht I was thinking? makes you wonder how truthful the ad is/was.

  • @Basenjimamma:

    ..I just found this dog for sale on KIJIJI in OK..

    I just sent her a message from this website (the add was just posted on the 7th), hoping that we can get that basenji into BRAT, I am very close to her. I have a foster now and my two dogs, but even if I have to take the dog in for a night or two till we get it into another foster home.

    Lets hope that she will surrender to BRAT

  • Houston

    BasenjiFan, Thanks for trying. I am with BRAT too. I am actually getting a new foster here in a few days, we hope.

  • Well she's not interested in Rescue, she feels that we as rescue would stress her out by "bouncing her from location to location" and I was the 4th person to contact her from the rescue and and she would appreciate if we would stop contacting her (BRAT). But I sent her another email, I hope maybe she don't get mad at me and send me a nasty gram back

    I am very sorry that you feel that the rescue organization would bounce the dogs from location to location. We screen our new and potential homes extremely well; and monitor the dogs before they are ready to adopt. I have had my foster since May waiting to ensure that myself and Basenji rescue have found the FOREVER home for him. I do deeply understand how you feel about finding the correct home for your dog because I have had to find a new home for dogs before long before I got into rescuing, one dog I thought I found a wonderful home for and a year later the people let him get hit by a car because they let him roam the streets.

    Please reconsider rescue and just keep my email address. I live here in Norman also, so I am very close and I can help get your girl into rescue really easy. Basenji rescue like I said is extremely strict about new homes; with my foster it is the average to having him this long. That way we can evaluate them, get to know their personalities, quirks. likes/dislikes, good behaviors/bad behaviors all of those things before even listing them on the rescue website.

  • Houston

    Good email, I wish she would consider it, since we do more research behind a placement then most. But I guess she is looking to make a buck or more like $200 some bucks off the dog…and therefor rescue is out of the question.

  • That was a nice e-mail maybe she will change her mind in a few days. All we can do is hope.

    Rita Jean

  • I have been following this person on Craigslist for a while now and I have seen her accept dogs that were for free and then relist them a week later on craigslist for a small rehoming fee.

    She also tells the same story each time. She also had a Rottweiler puppy she was trying to get rid of as well.

    Do a google search for storm_girl2009, storm_girl08, storm_girl18 there are others but i can't remember all of them. Also, if you google her phone number you will see more to validate my story 580-917-8135

    I have also turned her in to the local news station and they said it's possible they will investigate her and the scamming that goes on with craigslist pet section.

    I would also like to add that in some of her ads I've seen, she claims she doesn't have photo's. But, as you can see, she posts pictures of her nintendo games for sale and other items she is getting rid of. She seems to have calmed down on craigslist lately, but only because I have continually flagged her posts. She's probably going to switch emails if she hasn't already and continue the scam.


    A few more from googling her phone number:


  • Houston

    I am shocked..oh my g–. I hope they catch her and make take responsibility for her action.

    Thanks you so much for the heads up, I am sure I speak for all on this forum when I say that.

  • First Basenji's

    Wow, that's crazy!

    I used to work with a girl that did something like that, but not that bad. She'd take in dogs and cats that people were giving away free, then after a month or so, she'd give them away for a small rehoming fee. But her rehoming fee really was small, between $20-$40, mostly to cover the cost of food. She'd also provide the ones that needed it training and socialization.

  • Her post set my hackles up when I first read it. Not only didn't the "parents" part make much sense, but a college student with no photo capability (??) and a limited knowledge of basic sentence structure, just didn't add up. This part of the post: "Asking for a $200 adoption fee. THIS IS REASONABLE. Basenji's are NOT a common breed to the US and cost a LOT. Look it up. " was just plain stupid to post on a forum dedicated to Basenji's, B. owners, and breeders. The presumption of our ignorance on what a Besenji costs was a big red flag.

    It's sometimes hard to post your real feelings towards a new poster. You have the gut feeling something is off, but you second guess yourself wanting to think the best of people.

    I certainly don't want to jump the gun and post something that might turn even the scam artist away too soon. That just might jeopardize the dog, and a potential real rescue.

    I hope this Tri is healthy and finds a forever home. Thank you scamstopper.

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