Basenji For Sale - Needs good home

1 Year Old FemaleBasenji FOR SALE

Looking for someone in our vicinity to purchase our Basenji.

We’ve had her for a couple of months and our 3 year old son continues to play to rough – so, for the safety sake of our Basenji we have decided that we need to wait a while before having pets.

Tod Parchman
West Frankfort, Illinois

Contact me by Private Mesage

Age of Basenji(s): 1 Year Old
Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: 20.5 Pounds
Weight of Basenji(s) parents: Unknown
Parents health tests: Unknown
Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): None
Price: $100.00
Do you ship your Basenjis: No

Our little lady is housebroken and abides well in her environment. Like most Basenjis she enjoys chewing, especially on the kids toys. She does not chew furniture, shoes, belts etc. She is used to staying in a crate while we are gone – sleeps at the foot of our bed at night.

Email me for pics or anymore questions – need to find her a home as soon as possible.

Tod, it would be great if you could contact BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport)

They won't pay you for your basenji, but they will help her find a forever home. They are particularly careful about screening prospective adopters to make sure they are a good match with the breed.

Thanks for the info - from reading about the rescue it sounds like they try and find good families for the dogs they place, which is the same reason I posted here.

Again, thanks for the info.

Southern Illinois


Our Basenji has found a new home.

Feel free to remove this thread.


Southern Illinois

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