For Sale: Basenji boy For Sale in Portland, OR

  • Your name: Kathy
    Your city, state: Portland, OR
    Your phone numbers/email: 503-666-3757
    Basenji(s) For Sale: Black/White Basenji Boy
    Age of Basenji(s): 20 months old
    Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: 24#
    Parents health tests: OFA hips, CERFd eyes, Fanconi-tested Clear [both]
    Health Tests: Soon to be OFA-Fanconi tested and is CERFd Normal
    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): AKC
    Price: Negotiable
    Age ready to be taken home: He is available now
    Do you ship your Basenjis: Yes

    Hot Rod is available to a home w/o any male dogs or fuzzy animals [cats, dogs, gerbils, etc]. He has 4 points towards his AKC Championship. He is leash- crate- and house-trained. He is a great bed-dog and wonderful with children or all ages. He would be fine as a lone dog, but love the company of a basenji girlfriend.

  • He sure is a gorgeous boy! Too bad he wouldn't like my 2 old boys…..

  • He is so pretty wish I wasn't east coast my B zoe is 8 months they would prob get along great though she is small at 16.5 pounds.

  • He's a very nice looking boy!

  • Houston

    Very nice boy..Hope you find him a good home.

  • I have a B, Sahara who is almost 4yrs. old. She needs a boy to play with and share her life with, but one problem. I have underground fencing in my yard, do you see a problem with that? Sahara has crossed it a few times to go after a cat in the next yard, but she just runs in the neighborhood and I can get her back after she gets a good run. I follow her around until she is tired, she doesn't like to go without me. What do you think, I am interested.

  • It would be good for an older lazy dog… but HR loves to run bigtime...
    He doesn't jump but I don't see him stopping for a tiny shock.
    Sorry, would love to send him to a home with a girl B... as he loves his girls!
    I just don't think it would be a good idea for him.
    Thanks for checking though.

  • That's a bummer, I almost talked my hubby into gettting another Basenji, but that's OK, even though HR would have a very good spoiled life with us. We love our Basenjis, but I don't want to lose one either and we can't put up a fence b/c my hubby has his boat in our back yard and a fence would hamper him getting out.

  • Maybe a extra large gate for the boat to come and go in out of. Just think how much more safe the boat would be behind a fence.

    Rita Jean

  • I don't see why you couldn't put up a fence with either a double gate scenario or a wide gate? I see lots of people who have their garage inside of the fenced area and have to get their cars in/out. We used to have a camper for many years, and now a boat, in our yard. On one side of the house there is a small normal gate, and then about 6 foot or so of fence until you reach the neighbor's fence. (This part is chain link.) That section/panel of fence actually swings out so you have a wide gate. It's basically about the length of two sections of fence, but the posts don't go into the ground, only the corner post and then a rod at the other end by the gate.

    I'm sure you can find several options for different kinds of fencing if you talk to the companies.

  • Why no small dogs, we have a yorkie and would love this dog.

  • Oh, how I wish a chain-link fence would keep AJ in. He can be over a six-footer in a matter of seconds.

    HotRod looks like a very beautiful boy. I know the right person will be there for him.

  • He is a lovely boy.

  • @doug:

    Why no small dogs, we have a yorkie and would love this dog.

    Well, the only way to say it would be that history has proven itself… if it is fast and hairy and enters the yard... goodbye to it.
    Squirrels, cats, rats, crows [the most recent conquest], sparrows, bluebird [sorry pretty bird!]….

    When a basenji with a high prey-drive has not lived or been raised with little fluffies, it is NOT fair to expect them to like them.

    If I have a dog I feel would not do well with a small animal, that is always known up front... I will not place a dog into a situation that is a set-up for failure... not fair to the dog at all.

    Sorry, girl Bs or alone is the only spot for the Rod.

  • Kathy thank you for caring about your boy and putting it like it is right up front. Keep's your boy in a good home happy and all fluffies safe and someone from being unhappy if something goes wrong.

    Rita Jean

  • I've been to your website, even before I came to the forum. I was impressed then, I'm more impressed now. Truly a reputable kennel.

  • Thanks guys!

    I probably could have placed Roddie a dozen times over… but just am not willing to take the risk that he not fit in certain situations, or with some fluffies _.

    I love my dogs and would rather they stay here and make life more hectic and work for me than in a place they have annoyed the neighbors and the new owners resent them for their wrongdoings.. which they had no idea was wrong to do!

    The other day I was asked what Hot Rod was named after… while his litter was a Led Zeppelin theme... Roddie is what we call him a lot, after Rod Oishi, my Mom's favorite handler, up in Vancouver, BC.

    My son prefers to tell his friends he was named after Rowdy Roddy Piper!_

  • I have a female basenji mix that would love someone that could keep up to her high energy levels. Few rounds of frisbee and football, which entails about 30 minutes of chase to get the frisbee or ball back, and I am pooped. :-). We live in Wenatchee Washington so I would come and pick Hot Rod up. What is your asking price. He would be strickly family/pet. I am not a show person or breeder. We have a huge back yard and my children are young adults so there is lots of attention to go around.

  • There was a basenji female bred by someone here in MN who was behind an invisible fence - which kept her in nicely but did nothing to keep out the dog (I don't remember Rottie or Dobe) who came in and ripped her to shreds - that dog owner had to pay thousands to patch that animal up - I do think she survived but what trauma.

    FYI - I NEVER place a dog in a home with underground fence as the means of containment and I don't know many reputable breeders who will.

  • I think underground fences are a scam. It makes it easy for the owners, who just turn the dog out, and gives the dog no safety.
    I think they should be banned.

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