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@takoda I was wondering how are you putting the collar on her. Are you reaching over her head to buckle the collar and put the leash on. Some basenjis get very nervous when a person leans over them and then goes over top of their head. It is a very dominate posture to our breed. You might want to try attaching the leash to the collar first then have her come to you while you are sitting and then come up with the collar from the front underneath her neck and put the collar on that way because she might feel a little more secure. To me this sound like a normal puppy. Some of them no matter how they are raised can be fearful at this age. On like other breeds Basenjis go through a lot more fear periods then other dog. This is what has kept them alive in the jungle for so long. You have to realize for a little basenji puppy if they are going to get eaten from something bigger it will be coming in and grabbing them by the back or neck before killing them. So I hope this explains a little on why your puppy is acting the way she is. The Basenji is still a primitive breed and not like other dogs, so in training you need to take this into consideration.

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I lost her September 16, 2009 to the cancer. But she had two years she should not have had. She should have only lived 3 months.

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I saw that Obit also. I think the reason why he got that breed is the same reasons some of use have gotten into Basenjis he red about them and fell in love.

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Neat photo to bad we don't know the dogs registered name.

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I had given my girl with cancer Reishi Mushroom, shark cartledge and Coconut oil daily it helped slow down the tumor growth. Here is also a good site with some info. . Bloodroot Black Salve is also good and Neoplasene is also good but both of these need to be done with a vet.

Sending good healing thoughts.

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I can say there are times for the safety of a older bitch that she might be placed. I have had to place two older bitches do to bitch fighting that could have gotten them injured. This fighting did not start between these girls till later in life (Over the age of 7 years). Their option if they stayed with me was to live part of the day in a crate and then have a few hours out and then back in the crate again at bed time. This to me was not a fair life. They both now have wonderful homes with good friends near me they both come to visit and I can tell how they have latched onto their new owners that I made the right choice. They always act like OK new Mom we came said hi now I go home with you. These girls will always have a special place in my heart and their owners know if they ever have any issues no matter what I am there to help, I have even driven 1 1/2 to the ER clinic when one of the girls had a issue to be with her and her owner. I will also be with both these girls at the end of their lives also which I hope does not come for years and years.

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This year we have breed BOSS AKC GCH/MBIS Int. CH/MBIS/MRBIS/Int.&Nat. Puppy CH/MBIS&MRBIS UKC Gr CH Tammen's Sparks Will Fly AOE (Eukanuba 2011) (red/white) to CH Jokuba C-Quest First Round Knock Out (black/white). We will be expecting puppies around Christmas day. Litter should produce red/white, black/white and possible tri's if Dre is tri factored. If you are interested in a puppy from this breeding please contact me.


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Had to share my boy Ripple as a Geshia Girl. Hope everyone is having a "Happy Howloween".

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Ask and post the registered name any how it might give us some ideas.

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