• Thank God he is now under your care and your watchful eyes.
    Those people must have been nuts!

  • First Basenji's

    He is absolutely adorable. I'm praying for a wonderful new home and family for sweet Soda!

  • Arlene, he looks a lovely boy - a lifestyle change? how often I've heard that story. I'm sorry if I've misjudged them but I can't believe anyone is good if they starve their dogs. So pleased though that he was returned to you and best wishes for his new home (I'm sure that won't be long).

  • Shame on those owners..no excuse for this..

  • I can't say I knew what was going on totally in her mind. A breakup happened and she may have been so emotionally erratic that she didn't notice what was going on. You just never know what's in another person's thoughts.

    I did get the vet records and he was at the vets in July, so she did attempt to care for him at some point. You just never get the whole story.

    I also updated a little info on the listing.

  • Arlene, I'm so glad you have him back! And glad I don't live close to you, I would be begging for him. When we rescued our Eddie he was 2 years old and weighted 13 pounds (tall and looks good at 30 lbs., now), I know how heartbreaking it is to see one so starved. Soda will look great in no time and I hope you get him to his perfect forever home soon. Hugs to you and Soda

  • Normally, I wouldn't have a problem wanting to place him far away, but he's had two plane trips, and because of suspected issues, I would like him to be placed closer. I don't really want to inspect unless I need to, but, if there is an issue, I would like to be able to see his progress if there isn't any forward movement on these issues. I know he needs to be 'out and about' more and needs more crate training, as well as exposure to different situations, but these need to be tempered over time because of his lack of stress management.

  • Soda from Edmonton? That's disappointing! guess that puppy-date isn't going to happen now, but that explains the unanswered emails…
    If he's the same, his vet was Dr. Bear, and attended the puppy class before ours at petsmart. The trainer kept comparing Cricket to him, and she was the delinquent!

  • Aww Soda was from Edmonton? As long as he is in good hands now and is recouping. I understand about the plane rides though. That is a lot of stress on a puppy.

  • Yes, Soda from Edmonton. He is doing pretty well now, but still can't handle stress very well. But he looks 100% better than when he arrived home and his playfullness is just coming out. He still loves cuddles and kisses and is actually very, very good. Isn't destructive, quiet for the most part and isn't prone to outrageous behaviour.

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