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I just saw this so I'm reposting to help this dog find a good home. link text

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Re: Welcome to the newly redesigned and updated Basenji Forums!


I see that I have a -1 Reputation. I assume it is because I posted a Craigslist link about a basenji that needed a home. The basenji was not mine, I just saw the ad and thought I would try to help find a good home for the dog. I looked back over the rules and I guess this was an infraction? Didn't realize it at the time. How can I improve my "reputation"?


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@eeeefarm I didn't realize that a basenji might not accept a new cat into our home. : ( I had an African serval several years ago and he was raised with the housecats. Then one day he killed one while I was at work. Not good. Sounds like Basenjis are similar. Thank you for giving me perspective about this. I want my cats to be safe. The ones I have now pretty much live upstairs to keep away from our Basenji/mix who always wants to play.

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@DebraDownSouth Thank you for sharing your experience, I certainly don't want to wind up with a dead cat! I was wondering if I should adopt the adult basenjis on BRAT that are listed "OK with cats" or I needed to start with a puppy, if I choose to proceed. You have given me a lot to think about! Thanks!

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I'm looking for a breeder who socializes/raises their basenjis with cats. I hope you can help, the only one I've seen is Amore Basenjis. I'm looking for a young red and white female who is cat friendly. Many Thanks! Danica

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