2 Basenji Ladies looking for a new home

  • I changed a few things in my above post if you would like to re-read.


  • I am looking for a female Basenji as a companion to my red and white male. Have you placed your two females yet?

  • Please be careful about rehoming intact b's. They can fall into bad places.

  • First Basenji's

    Did you ever find a home for the girls? Please let me know. Thanks. Debbie

  • Please do let BRAT know if the breeder chooses NOT to take the girls back.
    There are more and more breeders that are BCOA members that need to take action and take their dogs back. I am hoping that they aren't BCOA members and just in a bad place and time for taking back dogs.
    I hope things are looking up for these girls.

  • Debbie.. I just found these two girls on Craig's List, so I don't think they've been placed yet (unless this is the new owner that's now re-homing them). The ads are separate for each dog, but they read the same. I've emailed asking for info; will let you know what she says…

    This is HONEY. She's a really good baby and still plays like a puppy. She loves to sit with her humans but we just don't have the time to devote to her as we just work too much. Honey has never been Bred- she can be if you like though as she's not spayed- but she's completely up to date with all her shots and is chipped. These are considered exotics because they're Egyptian dogs, very unique and very loving. We're asking for a mere $200.00 re-homing fee. Please call Mike at 904-982-9984 or email me. We'll naturally want to talk with you to make sure you'll be a good fit good her. 🙂

    This is ISIS. She is an absolute sweetheart of a Basenji but we just work way too much and can't give her the love, time and interaction that she really needs. We hate to see her go but we LOVE her enough that we want her to be in an element where her Humans can interact with and enjoy her as much as she enjoys them. We paid over $1000.00 for our Basenjis but are only asking for a $200.00 rehoming fee IF we feel that after we interview with you, that you will be a good fit for our baby. Please call Mike at 904-982-9984 or just email me.


  • First Basenji's

    Oh please please please… I hope Mike is willing to surrender these dogs to BRAT (though it sounds like he wants the "mere" $200 each because it means something to him). The way these ads are written, they're just asking to be exploited, especially Honey.

    Good eye, Patty. Thanks for the update.

  • Oh, Man! This is not the ad to read to start the morning..sigh.

  • I wonder if the little girl holding the dogs knows what is happening….

  • Big long "sighhhh". 😞

    These dogs need to get into the BRAT system. Is anyone available to go and personally speak to who has the dogs now?

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