Looking to adopt basenji female near Columbus, Ohio

Hi! I am looking to adopt a female basenji (age is not extremely important, but would love a dog between about 2 and 6 years of age). I live in Columbus, Ohio and would be willing to travel a few hours from here in any direction.

Go to www.basenjirescue.org or contact breeders as many times they have young adults that they have shown but are not looking to use in a breeding program and would like to place in a loving home. You can search for breeders at www.basenji.org and then go to the link Find a Puppy. You can search by state

Also, contact Pam Hamilton with Camp Basenji. She is in Florida, but has several lovely females.
Most of her rescues are not posted because people get fixed on a dog's photo and often it isn't the right dog. She is superb as helping get a good match.


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