Looking for young male Basenji in or near Florida

The best dog I ever had was a Basenji and I always said I wanted another after my four kids were older. The kids are much older now (ages 13-21) but their college tuition is draining my finances (can't afford an $1000-1800 Basenji puppy). If you/anyone you know (reputable/southeast region) has a young Basenji needing a home, please let me know. I'll keep checking BRAT in the meantime. Thank you!

Responsible breeders have a Facebook page for adopting older Bs, those that maybe didn't make the show circuit or throw the best pups. You might join that group and request to adopt. I had to travel for mine but there may be one in the FL area... can't hurt.


@debradownsouth Thank you for the tip. I just submitted an application to Camp Basenji. 🙂

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