Looking for young adult Basenji in AZ

We are looking for a young Basenji in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. But we are definitely willing to travel to where ever it takes! Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Susan

You can meet many breeders this week in Tucson, AZ this week. Go to www.basenji.org for details. Also you can search by state for breeders. Many of the breeders however will be at the Basenji National Dog Show in Tucson this week, so you most likely will not get responses until they return home

Check the BRAT website. I’ve been fostering a 2 year old brindled girl here in Minnesota. I bet she is ready for adoption sometime later this week I’ve worked really hard with her and she is so sweet for a basenji. Lol. 0_1573431271779_D193A5AB-56FA-4AF3-9AAA-717D100A9DD6.jpeg

Thanks. I have been working with BRAT. Unfortunately the pups are always on the other side of the country. I'm still at it!

I just found out about Tucson last week nd this week we have company from out of town otherwise we would have gone. I will be checking with the two breeders I've found in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. I'll keep looking for a rescue. Thx

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