Looking for pup or young adult anywhere in US

  • Hi everyone-

    I'm fixing to have to put my 11yo German Shepherd down and I've been researching the Basenji breed for a long time. I love everything about the breed...energy level, independence, curiosity, size and of course, the minimal shedding. The Germans never stop shedding but they are awesome as are all animals :). Anyway, I'm looking to get on the list for a Basenji. Since, they only breed once a year...male or female. Would like a pup or anything under a year. Purebred desired & willing to pay for champion/show quality. Willing to wait but I searching to get lucky ASAP!

  • Go to www.basenji.org and you can search by state for responsible breeders... You most likely will not find any this year... possible for 2021 from a responsible breeder. Be sure to check out that they are (sire/dam) are DNA tested at least for Fanconi and PRA... these results are public knowledge and you can search for them at www.ofa.org is you get their registered names. Sorry for your loss of your GS

  • Why are you going to put your GSD down?

  • Quality of life. Her back legs have failed, she can't control her bowels. She pretty much whimpers all day. She tries to follow me around but just can't. It's a sad deal :(.

  • Sorry to hear about your GSD. They are prone to the type of thing you describe as they get older. I know of one that successfully used a wheeled cart for some time after his back legs failed, but it sounds like she is beyond that stage.

    Know that a Basenji will be 180 degrees different from what you are used to. A GSD will want to please you, a Basenji will please itself. Training requires figuring out how to motivate the dog. But if you have been reading up on the breed, you know that. In practice it can be a bit different than in theory! Patience and a sense of humour are definitely required. But they are an acquired taste, and once you have had one you will know what I mean. Speaking as someone who has had a Border Collie at the same time as two Basenjis. My BC would do anything for me if he could figure out what I wanted. My Basenjis were more like "What's in it for me?"

  • Thanks for response, I actually bought a wheelchair but it doesn’t work for us. In my opinion, wheelchairs are for getting exercise outside. My German needs something to help her through the house. I thought about one of the parachute-type bags that she could drag but everyone is recommending that we are simply torturing each other :(.

    As far as basenji, great points. I hear that they have some independent cat qualities . I’m definitely a dog person. But all the positives that I have researched about the basenji just seem to good to be true. My kids are fixing to go to college. I got too much time now, I’m up for the challenge :).

  • Yes, Basenjis are sometimes described as a cat in a dog disguise, but it's not quite that simple. You need to gain their respect and if you can present training as a challenge for them to figure out, it's possible to get them to think they are working for themselves, not you, which can be the key to cooperation. Clicker training can work well for teaching new things, and IMO it's also very important to make ground rules clear to them and be consistent. True with any dog, but really important if you want a Basenji to respect you. It can be very difficult to avoid sabotaging your own rules if you must discipline because a Basenji will charm you, make you laugh, and then the game is lost! 😉 I love them, but they can be very frustrating and are not everyone's cup of tea.

  • We had a beautiful German shepherd and a basenji together. This year we list them both, one in april, one in november.... it sure has been rough. Still waiting to see if we can get a new basenji puppy.

  • The other comment I would like to add is that basenjis go through life thinking "What's in it for me?" THEIR WHOLE LIVES!!!!!!
    The best thing for both the owner and the basenji is for the owner to realize they will constantly have to think of positive ways to convince the basenji that what the owner wants it to do, is what it wanted to do in the first place.
    It will require some creativity on your part, ITS WHOLE LIFE!!!!

    (When I placed puppies, I never placed them with dumb people)

  • @rugosab said in Looking for pup or young adult anywhere in US:

    ”(When I placed puppies, I never placed them with dumb people)” .......... we’re not dumb - just crazy 😜 - crazy in love with our basenjis. My brother use to say “when you own a basenji - you become a man-slave to the dog!” 😂

  • @rugosab
    And as eeeefarm states - "In order to get along with a Basenji, you have to be at least half as smart as the dog!" - is oh so TRUE!

  • @eeeefarm I have always heard that you either love them or you hate them I happen to love them that's why I have five

  • @freelantzer quality of life don't you think it's time to let her cross the rainbow bridge

  • Rainbow Bridge? Hah, just learned what that actually was as all pet owners soon find out 😞 . Yes, it's time. Was hoping to find a pup to soothe the pain...basenji's not easy to find. I'm relentless & striking out everywhere!

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