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Rainbow Bridge? Hah, just learned what that actually was as all pet owners soon find out 😞 . Yes, it's time. Was hoping to find a pup to soothe the pain...basenji's not easy to find. I'm relentless & striking out everywhere!

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Thanks for response, I actually bought a wheelchair but it doesn’t work for us. In my opinion, wheelchairs are for getting exercise outside. My German needs something to help her through the house. I thought about one of the parachute-type bags that she could drag but everyone is recommending that we are simply torturing each other :(.

As far as basenji, great points. I hear that they have some independent cat qualities . I’m definitely a dog person. But all the positives that I have researched about the basenji just seem to good to be true. My kids are fixing to go to college. I got too much time now, I’m up for the challenge :).

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Quality of life. Her back legs have failed, she can't control her bowels. She pretty much whimpers all day. She tries to follow me around but just can't. It's a sad deal :(.

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Hi everyone-

I'm fixing to have to put my 11yo German Shepherd down and I've been researching the Basenji breed for a long time. I love everything about the level, independence, curiosity, size and of course, the minimal shedding. The Germans never stop shedding but they are awesome as are all animals :). Anyway, I'm looking to get on the list for a Basenji. Since, they only breed once a year...male or female. Would like a pup or anything under a year. Purebred desired & willing to pay for champion/show quality. Willing to wait but I searching to get lucky ASAP!

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